Introducing - Harry, CSSHS Deputy School Rep (Llandaff)

Hello everyone! My name is Harry Allright, and I am this year’s Deputy School Rep for Sport and Health Sciences  (Llandaff based). As part of my role I’ll be sending out a monthly blog of what my team of Course Reps, and Lead Reps and I have been up to. It is a great opportunity for us as a school to connect, and for all students to find out what’s happening behind the scenes with the School of Sport and Health Sciences.

Unfortunately due to my rather late appointment to this new role I was unable to attend the training week the SU sets up, which if you’re interested in finding out more about, can be found on any of the other School Reps blogs.

Deputy? A New Role!

The role of Deputy School Rep for Sport and Health Sciences (Llandaff) is a unique role that has only recently been created, and this is due to the merging of the School of Health Sciences, and Sport. Although these two schools are merging, the School of Health Sciences will not be moving over to Cyncoed just yet. This merger inevitably created complications with regards to the representation of students and the SU. As one School Rep could not take on the job of two, and rather than keep the rep system the same, the SU took the initiative of creating a deputy role for the School of Sport and Health Sciences rather than making one School Rep take on too much! So, what was two different schools on two different campuses is now one school spread over two campuses. This will mean that the School of Health Sciences will move to Cyncoed in the coming years, but for now you’re stuck with me as your Deputy on Llandaff!

Now that I’ve had a little natter about all that has been going on behind the scenes, I want to take a moment to tell you all a little bit about myself.

It all started three years ago when I decided to undertake a foundation into social sciences at Cardiff Met. From the foundation I managed to gain a place on the BSc Psychology degree, and in my first year of Psychology I was reclusive and didn’t really have the greatest idea of the variety of extra-curricular roles, events and activities that the university has to offer. Only in my second year of university did I really get involved with the SU, by becoming a Course Rep. From there I have now sprung to the role of Deputy School Rep, which is a lot of responsibility and work especially in my final year. Never the less I want to get involved and improve the lives of students at Cardiff Met, especially those from the School of Health Sciences. I have loved being a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and although CSHS has had great representation in previous years it has not reached its full potential. I intend to change this so that students feel their voice is heard, and that the overall satisfaction of student experience is enhanced to levels prior years have not yet seen. I cannot do this alone, thus without your help it will be an impossible mission, so if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions then please email me at

First Week!!

Man, what an unbelievable experience. This first week for me has been a roller coaster ride, and what a way to go with Fresher’s Fayre then MetFest one after the other! Fresher’s Fayre is a great way to start the year, and what a cracking way this SU team managed to do it. From societies to schools, to sports teams to external companies the Fresher’s Fayre was off to a flying start. There were martial arts demonstrations from the Kendo Society, to a pizza eating contest courtesy of Dominoes, and free steins being given away by Bier Keller. The day was amazing, albeit a tad packed, it clearly underlined what the SU is capable of and inevitably showed that we start as we mean to go on.

Not only that, but the SU went beyond expectations with the MetFest only two days after the Fresher’s Fayre! Finishing off Fresher’s week, the MetFest smashed expectations with a number of inflatables on the backfield (including an inflatable pub), face painting, food, drink and a stage to encapsulate the onlookers, and reenergize the dancers of us all. This was the first of many MetFest’s I’m sure of it, and although it may be my last year at Cardiff Met, I’m sure I’ll be back for next year’s MetFest!!

Although I did not have the luxury of this year’s Fresher’s Fayre, and MetFest when I joined, anyone especially myself can see the strides the SU has made already this year, and I for one cannot wait to see the results from all schools at the end of the year!


Whilst I’m here talking about representing the SU, my job as Deputy School Rep would be redundant if I did not have any students to represent. Even more, I would not be able to do it without the help of Lead Reps, and Course Reps. These roles help me massively, but also give all students the chance to speak up and say what is great, and what isn’t great about the University. So if you’re interested in representing your course, or even interested in finding out a bit more about the role, email me, or any of the School Reps, or catch me in the library, or even in Zen bar and we can have a chat over a pint or two!


I would just like to take a moment to welcome all you newcomers, as well as welcome back to all who’ve been here for a number of years. I hope this year goes as well as you have hoped, and I hope to catch up with every one of you in your time at Cardiff Met. Catch my blog on here every month, and I look forward to meeting and supporting everyone as you support me! Good luck, and have a cracking year!


Harry Allright