SU Vice President Will Fuller: Do You Want My Job?


Kelsie Taylor, Student Communication Ambassador, recently caught up with the incumbent Student President, Brad, to discuss what his role involves. Now, Kelsie has got together with Will Fuller, the current Vice President, to get his opinion on what it takes to be Student Vice President. If you think Student Vice President is a role that you can picture yourself in, student elections are coming very soon! You can put yourself forward to stand for election from the 21st of February. For full details click here.

Kelsie Taylor: What does the role involve on a day to day basis?

Will Fuller: My key responsibilities as Vice President are to oversee the representation structure and represent the student voice within the university. I work with the School Reps to collect feedback from all students and take any issues forward to improve the student experience. I also lead on any cases where students require independent representation at unfair practise cases or fitness to study meetings to support the student at what can be a tough time. Alongside Amy Campbell I am also responsible for looking after our many societies and helping to deliver training to them and there are lots of other projects and tasks that come up week to week that I’m lucky enough to be involved in.

KT: What benefits do you feel the roles given you?

WF: The role has allowed me to be involved in such a wide range of things that I don’t think you’d find in other jobs. From being involved in high level discussions and board meetings, delivering training for reps and societies, attending conferences and much more, the development opportunities are huge. You’re also really well guided by other SU staff so it’s an amazing job in terms of personal development.

KT: What is your favourite part about the role?

WF: I love being able to help students make positive changes. Seeing the improvements made by both the Students’ Union and within the university brought about by student feedback makes it a really rewarding job. Being able to bring in free cash machines in the SU, extend the opening hours in the CSM building for students in late lectures and having an influence on lots of smaller course based changes that make life better for students is definitely the best thing.

KT: What is your least favourite part of your role?

WF: There’s not a lot I don’t enjoy about the role but if I had to to pick one thing out it would be the amount of time spent in meetings. In an ideal world, I would spend less time in meetings and more time holding student drop-in sessions and spending time walking around both campuses speaking to students. 

KT: If you could go back would you choose to be Vice President or President?

WF:I’m really glad that I went for the role of Vice President over President, I’ve learnt so much about the Students’ Union and been able to be guided at times by Brad, the current President. Brad was last year’s Vice President and having him with his knowledge of the role being able to offer advice has been really useful for me. 

KT: What advice would you give to the future SU Vice President?

WF: I’d advise them to create strong relationships with their School Reps as soon as possible. I’ve been fortunate to have a great team of enthusiastic and switched on reps who are visible and active within their schools and I think that is vital to helping the Vice President perform to the best of their abilities.


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