President Results


Will FULLER 1070   Jason AMARTEY 905   RON/Abstention 13

Vice President Results


Ieaun GARDINER 791   Della HILL 733   Yzzy TAYLOR 354
RON/Abstention 65

Record Level of Voters Elect Will Fuller  and Ieaun Gardiner  to Represent the Students of Cardiff Met in 2017/18

Following a hard-fought campaign over a week and a half, Will Fuller and Ieaun Gardiner emerged victorious at 5pm on the last day of voting. This year, the number of votes in the ballots for both roles exceeded previous years by a significant margin. The total number of votes for the President role reached 1988 (last year: 1518) and the total for Vice President reached 1943.

The President-Elect and Vice-President elect will take up their new roles on the 1st of August and will be representing the students of Cardiff Met for a term of 1 year.

For further information about what their roles will involve and to remind yourselves of their manifestos, you can use the links below.

No elections are currently running