Student sabbatical Officers

The Student Sabbatical Officers are elected by students to represent your academic interests at the very top level. They act as the key link to the University Vice Chancellor, and Pro Vice Chancellor Student Experience as well as other key stakeholders.

The role of the President includes acting as the chair of the Board of Trustees, along with being responsible for the financial position and performance of the Students' Union. The President is the voice of the students at the highest internal level and externally.

The role of the Vice-President is to represent the students and make sure that their voice and opinions are heard. The Vice-President is here to help out with anything that students may need during the year. Whether it is support or advice with education and welfare matters to helping you setting up societies, so pop into the office any time for a chat.


Amy-Louise Fox


I’m Amy and I will be your Students’ Union President for this year! I hope that your university experience is going to be just as amazing as mine has been and that you make the most of every opportunity that is offered to you!

As President, I act as the Chair of the Board of Trustees as well as being responsible for the financial position and performance of the SU! I focus on representing the student voice at the highest levels in the university, such as being a Governor and promoting the services of the SU internally and externally.

I spent my three years of undergraduate studies at Llandaff Campus studying Business and Management Studies with Law. I loved my time as an undergraduate so much that I wasn’t ready to leave and decided to campaign to be your SU President for 2019/20!

In my second year at university, I became more involved in the SU by becoming part of the Welcome Crew for Freshers and being a Lead Representative for the Business Department of Cardiff School of Management (CSM). As I loved my experience as Lead Rep so much, I decided to apply to become CSM Rep for my third year and I loved being so involved with the Students’ Union! Keira (who is your Vice President this year) and I were both School Reps in our third year and decided to campaign to be your sabbatical officers together, and we’re so excited for the year ahead!

My university experience would not have been so fun, and exciting had I not taken the opportunities that the Students’ Union provided, so it’s important to make the most of your time at Uni! It flies by faster than you could ever imagine!

During my time as President, I hope to achieve a number of different initiatives to make the student experience at Cardiff Met easier, simpler and more fun!

• Improve balance of assessments throughout the year
• Create more student friendly spaces for both campuses
• Improve public transport services

Vice President

Keira Davies



A huge welcome from myself and the whole of Cardiff Met Students’ Union! Welcome to the best few years of your life! I’m Keira Davies and I will be your SU Vice President for the next year.

My role is to help with anything that you, as students, may need during the year. I represent the students to make sure your voice is heard and views are shared at the highest level. Whether it be support and advice, education, welfare matters or approving a new society, if there is anything you need to chat about, feel free to pop into the office or catch me in the corridor!

I studied Sport Performance Analysis on the Cyncoed Campus for 3 years before campaigning to be your VP this year. During my time as an undergraduate student, I made sure that I immersed myself into uni life as much as possible, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Very soon into my first year, I became a part of the university’s netball club and joined a society, both which are provided by the students’ Union. Into my second and third year, I was appointed as the School Rep of CSSHS Cyncoed, where my aim was to be the main figurehead of student voice and feedback within my own school. In my third year, I became co-chair of my society, as well as becoming a head coach within the netball club. Without the Students’ Union, I wouldn’t have been able to make the most of my time at Cardiff Met, which will further benefit me in future life.

Over my time as Vice President, I aim to make life easier for Cardiff Met students, from fresher’s week to graduation. This includes:

• Increasing chill out spaces around both campuses
• Maintaining our ‘campus canines’ initiative
• Improving access to facilities the university offers

I would like to wish you all a huge good luck for your first few weeks at university Feel free to ask myself or any of the SU staff members any questions if you see us around, or pop into the SU office on either campus.


School Reps

School Reps are appointed by the Students’ Union as the figurehead rep for each school. It is their responsibility to recruit and manage the rep structure within the school and to act as a link between the school and SU. They represent students at school and university level.

Part-Time Officers

Part time officers are employed by the Students' Union and have specific roles that deal with the following areas; Equality & Diversity, Wellbeing, Welsh  (Cymraeg), Global and Environmental. Click here to find out more about their specific roles.

Lead Reps

Lead Reps are recruited by the School Rep. They are the figurehead for either a whole year group or a department, this is dependant on the structure of the school. Lead Reps support the School Rep to manage the rep team and represent the student voice at year/department level.

Course Reps

Course Reps are chosen by their peers, the election process is facilitated jointly between the School Rep and academic staff. In order to effectively represent each class a guideline ratio of reps to class size has been set. 1 for classes of 10 or less. 2 for classes up to 100. 3 for 100 – 150 and 4 for 150+. School Reps will work with Programme Directors using these guidelines.

Group Reps

For some cohorts the School Rep and academic staff will opt to add this additional layer of representation. Group reps represent a seminar/tutor group. They are chosen by their peers, and gather feedback at group level to pass onto the Course Rep to be represented at programme level. These may be used where large cohorts are taught separately in smaller groups.

  • Cardiff Met Feedback Policy

    The policy on assignment feedback is taken from your handbook to outline what you can expect from the University.

  • Committee Guidance for Reps

    A breakdown of the meetings and committees you may attend as a rep and what will be discussed there.

  • Course Rep Recruitment

    This form sets out a step by step procedure for recruiting course reps and capturing their details. It is useful for School,Lead Reps and staff.

  • Jargon Buster for Reps

    There are lots of terms and acronyms used within a University, here's a head-start on some of the common ones but always feel free to ask for clarification if you're not sure what something means.

  • Meetings Top Tips

    A Recap of some of the meetings you may attend plus some guidance to make sure you make the best use of your committee membership

  • Programme Committee Terms of Reference

    This document explains the areas covered by this committee as well as who attends.

  • Raising Your Profile as A Rep

    Some top tips on how you can make sure your cohort know who you are and what you can do for them. Remember it's also great to keep them up to date on what you've been working on and encourage them to get involved.

  • SSLC Terms of Reference

    Each School has a Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), this document explains what the committee covers and who attends.