Student sabbatical Officers

The Student Sabbatical Officers are elected by students to represent your academic interests at the very top level. They act as the key link to the University Vice Chancellor, and Pro Vice Chancellor Student Experience as well as other key stakeholders.

The role of the President includes acting as the chair of the Board of Trustees, along with being responsible for the financial position and performance of the Students' Union. The President is the voice of the students at the highest internal level and externally.

The role of the Vice-President is to represent the students and make sure that their voice and opinions are heard. The Vice-President is here to help out with anything that students may need during the year. Whether it is support or advice with education and welfare matters to helping you setting up societies, so pop into the office any time for a chat.

Student Leadership Team Meetings.
The officers below will meet reguarly to discuss what they have been up to and any campaigns they are working on. The following are minutes from these meetings. If you would like to get involved in a specific piece of work, contact the officer through their details below.


SU President - Affairs & Community

Natalia-Mia Roach


Hello / Shwmae! Welcome to Cardiff Met SU & your next exciting venture! I’m Natalia-Mia Roach and my role is to help with anything you as students need in order to make the best version of your university experience. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I have for the last 4 years.

I studied Sport and Exercise Science during my undergrad, and I made sure that I got involved into the uni life as much as I could! I became part of the university’s Women’s Rugby Team and joined an SU Society, which are provided by the SU. I also became a Student Ambassador and Mentor, got a job in the campus gyms as a Fitness Assistant. There are countless opportunities to get involved in.

As head of the of the SU Student Leadership Team, I intend on making sure all voices are heard and understood at the university’s highest level. This can be through academics or facilities and all things relating to your university experience. I recommend sharing feedback to your SU School Reps and myself to encourage improvements to your student voice and experience at Cardiff Met.

Over the next year I aim to:

· Increase equality and financial support for SU Sport teams and SU Societies.
· Promote mental health and wellbeing services.
· Develop equality, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of the university across both campuses.
· Recognising existing sustainability services and events, by keeping a student focused approach.

I’d like to wish you all the best. Don’t hesitate to ask myself or any of the SU staff any questions. I look forward to seeing you around and hope that you all have a mega Freshers!

SU Vice President - Student Voice

Rewathi Viswanatham



Ellarukum Vanakkam - Namaskaram - Adab! Welcome to the most exciting period of your time at university. I'm Rewathi Viswanatham, an MSc International Business student, and your SU Vice President for 23/24. I'm excited and honoured to serve as your representative and help make your university experience as wonderful as possible.

My priority is to represent all Cardiff Met students. I'm here to listen and represent your needs and to make sure that your opinions are taken into account and heard.

As a relatively new student of Cardiff Met, I understand how exciting and sometimes overwhelming it can be to navigate university life. We want every student to feel at home here and we will always aim provide guidance and opportunities throughout your time as a student.

Your thoughts, concerns, and ideas matter and I highly recommend sharing them with us. Whether you've been at the university for a while or recently joined us, I'm thrilled to be working with you and striving to make your university experience the best it can be!

Over the next year, I hope to

· Improve Student Timetabling and transport.
· Provide more professional development opportunities.
· Provide more social and cultural activities.
· Introduce Suggestion Stations aimed to provide more accessible ways for student feedback.

The SU is always here for you and I look forward being a part of your university journey!

School Reps

School Reps are appointed by the Students’ Union as the figurehead rep for each school. It is their responsibility to recruit and manage the rep structure within the school and to act as a link between the school and SU. They represent students at school and university level.

Part-Time Officers

Part time officers are employed by the Students' Union and have specific roles that deal with the following areas; Equality & Diversity, Wellbeing, Welsh  (Cymraeg), Global and Environmental. Click here to find out more about their specific roles.

Course Reps

Course Reps are chosen by their peers, the election process is facilitated jointly between the School Rep and academic staff. In order to effectively represent each class a guideline ratio of reps to class size has been set. 1 representative for every 25 students. 

Group Reps

For some cohorts the School Rep and academic staff will opt to add this additional layer of representation. Group reps represent a seminar/tutor group. They are chosen by their peers, and gather feedback at group level to pass onto the Course Rep to be represented at programme level. These may be used where large cohorts are taught separately in smaller groups.