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Academic support


The SU advice and support service is here to ensure students are informed and supported through any situation. What we can do:

  • Help students understand the university process/procedure they are undertaking
  • Help students present their case (through statements/evidence)
  • Provide one-to-one pastoral support and representation in meetings/committees
What we cannot do:
  • Change a university outcome
  • Stop a procedure from taking its course
  • Influence the timescales outlined in a procedure
  • Act as legal representatives (our work is in a purely advisory capacity)
If you have any questions please contact Bethan Banks bbanks@cardiffmet.ac.uk


The Students’ Union is a separate organisation to the university. We offer independent and impartial advice and have the students' best interests at heart.

In the first instance we would ask for you to give us an overview of the situation and provide any relevant background information and evidence.

We would then talk you though all options available to you to try and resolve the issue.

In some cases the university decision will remain the same, we will then help the student understand the reasoning behind this and support them through the situation the best we can.

The SU can advise the best way for you to fill in any documents required when undergoing a university procedure.

We would advise students on the content and how to gather evidence. We are also available to check forms and statements before it is submitted to the university.

We ask students to attempt getting all information down on paper before coming to us as it will help us develop and strengthen your information even further.

We cannot complete forms on a student’s behalf.

The Vice President of the Students’ Union offers one-to-one pastoral support to any students’ undergoing any university procedure. They are there to ensure a student’s wellbeing and opinion is supported during any meeting or committee you are required to attempt.

The Vice President is also able to attend committee meetings on a student’s behalf if there are mitigating circumstances which means you are unable to attend.

You can contact SUadvice@cardiffmet.ac.uk if you require a representative or wish to discuss this support further.


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We understand that students who are working remotely, away from their familiar academic community, can feel less supported than usual and may feel vulnerable and isolated and tempted to use the services of online essay mills.

We would like to remind all students that whilst the pandemic has placed many of them into an unfamiliar study environment, they are still part of an academic community and support is available to them.

Students are responsible for the integrity of their learning, and decisions to breach codes of academic conduct (e.g. through outsourcing assessment tasks) are ultimately their own. Students should be aware that academic misconduct is prohibited and will be treated very seriously. http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/registry/academichandbook/Documents/AH1_08_01.pdf

Students should also be aware of the risks of engaging with contract cheating services. In particular, this includes blackmail and extortion because, once a student has cheated, they will be permanently vulnerable, not only while in higher education but into their professional careers.

We strongly advise any student who is struggling to access support from the Universrsity.