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There are a number of ways you can raise a complaint:

  • Directly with a member of staff (e.g. programme director/personal tutor)
  • Through the Rep Structure via your Course Rep/School Rep
  • Making a formal complaint by submitting the university’s complaint form.

  • It is advised that you try to resolve a complaint informally before you submit a formal complaint. By raising the issue informally you are more likely to achieve a swift resolution. The SU can support you through this process.


No. A student will never be disadvantaged by making a complaint.

If you feel you have been disadvantaged by raising a complaint please contact the SU or the Complaints Manager for further advice.


Step By Step Guide


1. What is a complaint?


A complaint is defined as an oral or written expression of
dissatisfaction or concern someone may have about policies,
processes, facilities or services provided by the University or
about actions or lack of actions by the University or its staff.

You should not feel worried in any way about raising a complaint
as it is ensured that students are not disadvantaged when raising
a complaint irrespective of the outcome.

If you are not sure whether your concerns are covered by this
procedure, speak to the Students’ Union or the Complaints
Manager at Student Services who will be able to give you advice.


2. What do I do?

Before making a formal complaint, you should always try to
resolve the matter informally with the relevant person, their line
manager or via the Complaints Manager. You should try to raise
a complaint as soon as possible, but it must be raised within 3
months of the events arising.

Appropriate action must be taken to prevent unnecessary
escalation of the complaint.

3. I’ve tried to resolve my complaint informally, but I’m still not satisfied, what do I do next?

Your complaint will then move to the formal stage one procedure:
You should either write a letter, email or complete a Complaints
Form. This will be submitted to the Complaints Manager.

The online Complaints Form can be found at: www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/


4. What information do I need to include in my complaint for formal stage one?


You must clearly outline the reasons for your complaint and what
outcome you are looking for. This must be submitted within 10
working days of failing to resolve issues informally.

Acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint will be sent to you
within 5 working days and an investigation into your complaint
will be started. This may involve holding meetings and interviews
with the relevant people.


5. How long will I have to wait for an outcome?

You will normally be informed of the outcome within 30 working
days; however, if your complaint is likely to take longer, you will
be kept up to date.

You will be informed of any action the University intends to take.



6. I’ve had the response from the first stage of the formal procedure but I’m still not satisfied, what can I do next?

If you’re not happy with the outcome of your complaint then you
can ask that the outcome be reviewed by an investigator under
formal stage two of the procedure:

To do this you must submit details in writing to the Complaints
Manager within 10 working days from the date of notification of
the stage one outcome.

You will need to explain again the grounds for your complaint,
what outcome you are looking for and why you’re not happy with
the decision from stage one.

The Complaints Manager will look at your case and you will be
notified within 5 working days whether a further investigation is
going to go ahead.

The investigator may wish to meet with you and any other people
involved to reach a decision. You should then hear within 30
working days of the start of their investigation the result of stage
two, and any action, if appropriate which the University intends
to take.


Further Info


Formal stage two is the final step of the University’s complaints
procedure; if you still feel unhappy with the result you can take
your case to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).

Any complaint made to the OIA needs to be submitted within 12
months of receiving your Completion of Procedures (COP) letter
from the University.

Please see the OIA website for further details www.oiahe.org.uk
Second Floor
Abbey Gate
57-75 Kings Road
Tel: 0118 959 9813
Email: enquiries@oiahe.org.uk


Further Assistance

If you require assistance or support concerning this or any other academic issue, please contact Cardiff Met Students’ Union

All Step by Step guides’ information is checked with all relevant authorities and we believe it to be correct at time of going to print. However, occasionally there are changes in procedures and you should contact the Students’ Union for up to date information which relates to your specific circumstances. This guide is intended to be read alongside the University’s Regulations and Procedures and to give students advice about how the Students’ Union can support you through this process.