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Positive student well-being is a priority for the Students’ Union. For you to get a great student experience you need to know you have the right support in place for you. Here we have outlined a number of support mechanism we hope will be useful for you:


COVID-19 Support 

Student Space

'Student Space' provides expert information, wellbeing resources and advice to help you through the challenges of coronavirus. 


Health and wellbeing 

The government has issued guidance on what you need to do during this time. Everyone has been asked to make major adjustments and it is improtant that you are looking after your health and well being as we enter into the 'new normal' over the coming weeks.

Where possible, make sure you are eating healthily, creating daily structure, being kind and patient with yourself and stay connected.  

Below we have provided information that will help you look after yourself.   


Mental health apps

The NHS recommend a range of mental health apps, including a student health app, which will help support your wellbeing during this time. 


staying active

Going for a walk (while maintaining social distances) will allow you to get some fresh air and will be good for the body and the mind. 

For those staying at home, there are many fitness videos and activities from yoga to HIIT workouts online. Met active are also be developing a range on on-line support services to help keep you active. This can be found on social media;

Instagram: @Metactive
Facebook: @Met Active
Twitter: @Met_Active


Student Services

Student Services continue to provide support to students during this difficult time. Due to campus closure support will take place via Teams video chat or phone (whichever you prefer). 

Email - studentservices@cardiffmet.ac.uk / izone@cardiffmet.ac.uk 
You can book an appointment here.


Mitigating Circumstances

 The Mitigating Circumstances policy has been updated to respond directly to covid-19 providing clarity of what is required in illness, self-isolation or quarantine, in the event that you need to care for loved ones, or your ability to submit your work digitally becomes an issue for you in this circumstance. Further information can be found here

Applications should be submitted online.

Any questions or advice please contact suadvice@cardiffmet.ac.uk  


On Campus Support

*Please note on campus support my differ due to covid-19 restrictions*

Students’ Union

If you are unsure where to turn the Students’ Union advice and support team offer a drop in service where you can come and talk to a member of staff and we can talk you through all of the mechanisms for support at your disposal.


How to be happier

‘How to be Happier’ is an awareness campaign to encourage students to look after their health and wellbeing (both physical and mental).
We have taken the guidelines advised by the NHS to show students how they can improve their wellbeing by getting involved in SU and university activities.  

Student Minds

Student Minds is student mental health charity that empowers students to look after their own mental health. On campus, we have a peer support group that aims to offer support and encouragement to fellow student experiencing the challenged of university life.

Student Services

Tel - 029 2041 6170
Email - studentservices@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Book an appointment 

Off Campus Support


Safe Taxi Scheme

The Students’ Union work alongside Dragon Taxi’s to ensure students are always able to travel safely within the city. If you even find yourself without taxi fare you can use this scheme to get home safely and pay at a later date.

Call Dragon Taxis on 02920 33 33 33 quoting the 'Cardiff Met University Safe Taxi Scheme'. You will need to provide your name and student number and present your student card to the driver upon arrival. You'll be given a receipt card detailing the fare.

Within the next 7 days you will need to visit the Students’ Union office and pay the price of your taxi fare.

Please note access to University services will be blocked if the taxi fare is not paid.

One you

'One You' is an NHS initiative to help you make better choices for your mental and physical health. It provides tips, tools and support to get you feel healthier and happier.  


For Mental Health Advice & Support

Mind Cymru
Time to Change Wales
Suicide prevention
BEAT Cymru