‘How to be Happier’ is an awareness campaign to encourage students to look after their health and wellbeing (both physical and mental).
We have taken the guidelines advised by the NHS to show students how they can improve their wellbeing by getting involved in SU and university activities.  

The NHS advises: 
“six tips to be happier, more in control and able to cope better with life’s ups and downs”

1.    Manage your Stress

Improve your time management techniques –
•    Sally Strong’s Time Management workshop (15th November)

Regular Exercise – 

•    SU Sport 
•    Pinnacle Campus Sport 
•    NamasJay Yoga Sessions
•    Next Bikes
•    Campus Canines
•    Sports/Activity related societies (Dance Society, Kendo Society, Wakeboarding, Snow sports, Climbing)

Reduce feelings of anxiety –

•    Student Minds 
•    Anna Bhushan’s Mindfulness workshops
•    NHS breathing exercises
•    Neil Frude’s activate your life (available via public health services and sessions are looking to be implemented at the university)

2.    Enjoy Yourself

Do things you enjoy/Do things you’re good at - 

•    Societies 

Avoid things that are enjoyable at the time, but make you feel worse afterwards (binge eating, drinking alcohol) - 

•    The SU Activities Officer keen to promote dry events in and around campus. These will be advertised through the SU’s events pages and social media sites.  

3.    Boost Your Self Esteem 

Get into a pattern of noticing negative and self-critical behaviour.

To boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself why not volunteer and give back to the community… 
•    Health and Wellbeing Volunteering Fair run by the careers service (7th November, The Atrium, Llandaff Campus, 11.30am – 2pm)
•    One off volunteering projects run by the SU
•    SVC
•    Signing up to the Cardiff Met award for self-development 

4.    Have a Healthy Lifestyle 

•    Limit your alcohol intake
•    Eat a well-balanced diet
•    Do some exercise 
•    Get enough sleep


5. Talk and Share 

•    Communicate with a friend, family member or counsellor
•    External support lines (Samaritans, beat etc.)
•    Student Minds
•    Student Services
•    Chaplaincy 

5.    Build your resilience 

•    SU Resilience and wellbeing workshop (16th October & 29th November SU meeting room Llandaff Campus/8th November SU meeting room Cyncoed Campus)
•    You can access materials provided by the NHS to help build resilience