This year, we are committed to promoting period dignity across all of Cardiff Met. We are extremely excited to launch this campaign, in order to do so and to make sure it’s as effective as possible, we need your help.

Period dignity is not something that is specific to individuals that have periods, we all have a responsibility to work together to; end the stigma related to periods and create an environment in which periods are normalised. Therefore, we are looking for the views of all students to inform which period products we provide and how we should target campaign activity for the specific needs of Cardiff Met students.

As part of this project we are committed to:
• Providing free period products to Cardiff Met students
• Improving education related to female reproductive health
• Removing the stigma related to periods

Please help us make this campaign a success for all of you, by filling in this quick survey.

We are delighted to confirm, we will be working with Hey Girl as our supplier of period products, and to support us in our campaign activity.

If you are interested in working on the campaign please email Laura at