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Mitigating Circumstances


All applications must be submitted through the Mit Circs Portal which can be accessed through Moodle or the Student Portal.

For a self-certification extension no evidence needs to be submitted.

If you have used up your self-certification extension for this semester already, or you need a longer extension, or you were unable to submit your self-certification before the deadline, then you will need to use the standard mitigating circumstances process.

This means you need to submit evidence. Evidence is just anything that could be recognised as telling the university your story is true.

This could include (but is not limited to);

  • Doctors letter/sick note
  • Statements from a counsellor/wellbeing advisor
  • Emails/correspondence from a landlord/housing authority
  • Police report
  • Death certificate/order of service


Here are a few things to consider if you have ongoing circumstances that are affecting your studies:


  • Speak to your personal tutor
  • Make an appointment with Student Services
  • Seek advice from a medical professional to ensure you have evidence in furture, if needed
  • Speak to the SU for further advice by contacting suadvice@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Mitigating Circumstances Procedure
The university's guidance on the Mitigating Circumstances procedure can be found here. You'll want to read the procedure carefully, and if you have any questions then please do approach the SU at suadvice@cardiffmet.ac.uk and we will be able to assist.