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You can submit an application for appeal once you have received your exam board outcome.

You will have 14 days from the date the exam board outcome was sent to you to submit your online application form and evidence.

You can submit an appeal to the university under the following grounds:

Exceptional Personal Circumstances

These would be circumstances that occurred during your studies (illness, bereavement etc.) that have affected your performance. If you are looking to appeal on these grounds you will need to explain and evidence these circumstances, and outline why you could not have submitted mitigating circumstances before the exam board.

Defects and Irregularities

This would be defects or irregularities in the written instructions or in advice relating to your assessment which would have negatively impacted on your performance.

Any appeal made on the grounds of being unhappy with a mark or academic outcome will not be considered.

Click here to view our PDF document on 'How to write an appeal against an exam board decision'

An appeal will usually be processed within eight weeks.

If your appeal was rejected, the exam board outcome you have received would remain the same.

If you have gone through every stage of the internal appeals procedure and want to challenge this further you can contact the Office of Independent Adjudicators (OIA).


Step By Step Guide


1. When can I appeal?

You can only appeal against a decision of an Exam Board. The
appeal should be based on one OR both of the following:

You had exceptional personal circumstances which you believe
have had an adverse effect on your performance and you can
evidence a reason why you could not make this known before the
Exam Board by applying for Mitigating Circumstances.

If you believe that the exam/assessment wasn’t run correctly OR
written instructions or advice relating to the exam/assessment
was not correct and this has affected your performance.

You cannot question the academic judgement, marks or grades
awarded by the examiners.

2. How do I submit an appeal?

Using the Online Application for Appeal form, your appeal should be submitted within 14 days from the date of the relevant Exam Board OR the date the
Exam Board correspondence were sent to you by email.

You can find the Application for Appeal (Exam Board Decision) on
the Cardiff Met website via the Academic Handbook.

If you would like advice in filling in this form or require support
during the process please contact the Students’ Union.


3. What happens next?

The regulations unit will assess you appeal to see if youare within the
grounds of the procedure and have provided sufficent supporting

If it is then decided that you have a case for appeal, depending on
your circumstances, it will be referred on for consideration at an
Appeal Board or by the Chair’s action. You will be contacted and
made aware of the timescales for these processes.

4. What if my case goes to an Appeal Board?

You will be offered a personal hearing and shall be informed of
the time and the date of the hearing. You may wish to bring with
you a member of the academic, welfare or advisory staff OR an
officer of the Students’ Union – this will be in a support capacity.

Your Academic School will also be invited to attend and may
contribute to the hearing.

5. What will happen at the hearing?

The evidence you have provided with your appeal plus the
testimony of the Chair of the Exam Board concerned and any
further relevant evidence will be looked at. The appeal may then
be either:

• Rejected, and no further action taken.
• The case is referred back to the Exam Board, with
recommendations, where appropriate.

Either way, you will be told the results of your appeal within 5 working days following
the meeting of the Appeal Board.


6. What if my appeal is rejected? Can I do anything else?

If your appeal is rejected you will be given the reason for the
decision and a Completion of Procedures letter will be issued.
The decision will be deemed final and matter regarded as closed.

If you’re not happy with this outcome you may wish to submit
a complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (O.I.A).


7. What if my appeal is successful? What happens next?

 If your appeal is successful, the Exam Board will agree to amend
or confirm its original decision. You will be informed of the
decision within 6 working weeks of the date of the appeal hearing.

The decision made at this Exam Board is seen as final. If you
are not happy with this outcome you can look at pursuing a
complaint with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (O.I.A).

Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

Any complaint made to the OIA needs to be submitted within 12 months of receiving your Completion of Procedures (COP) letter from the University.


Please see the OIA website for further details www.oiahe.org.uk 



Second Floor

Abbey Gate

57-75 Kings Road




Tel: 0118 959 9813

Email: enquiries@oiahe.org.uk


Helpful tips to make your appeal stronger

• Be mindful of the time limits; the appeals procedure has
strict deadlines.
• Make a conscious effort to say on what grounds you are
• Put the events into chronological order.
• State how your circumstances had a direct impact on your
• Provide as much detail as possible, but don’t waffle! Stick to
the issues you wish to raise in a clear, concise manner – be
clear about what you’re asking for.
• Back up your appeal by providing supporting evidence
where possible, e.g. a medical note, birth/death certificate,
copies of correspondence etc.
• Remember to number reference your evidence and refer to
it during your appeal application.
• If you have a significant amount of evidence, highlight
important information e.g. specific paragraph on an email.
• State clearly what you require the outcome of your appeal
to be.
• Give a strong reason to why you could not have submitted
Mitigating Circumstances before the Exam Board
• Keep copies of any correspondence you send or receive.

Further Assistance

If you require assistance or support concerning this or any other academic issue please contact Cardiff Met Students’ Union


All Step by Step guides’ information is checked with all relevant authorities and we believe it to be correct at time of going to print. However, occasionally there are changes in procedures and you should contact the Students’ Union for up to date information which relates to your specific circumstances. This guide is intended to be read alongside the University’s Regulations and Procedures and to give students advice about how the Students’ Union can support you through this process.