Tuesday 03 November 2020

19:00 - 20:30

It's Online!

Virtual Speedquiz Night

Sick of Googlers cheating in pub quizzes? In that case, join one where they can't!


The Speedquiz is:

Multiple Choice!

Against the Clock!

Answered through an App!

So there is no chance to cheat. And it is mega fun!


Our Quiz Master will lead you through the thrills and spills of each round. Most questions aren't that hard, but if you are the first to answer correctly, then it's bonus points to you! So Fastest Fingers First!


And for this first Cardiff Met Speedquiz there is a winner takes all cash prize of £10 to play for! 


You will need to download the Speedquizzing Live app (see photo) to your phone or tablet to play. It's totally free and takes seconds.


3 November 7.00 -8.30pm. See you there, and bring your thinking caps!