Keira Davies

Students' Union Vice President


"The planning and launch of this campaign spanned across my whole two terms as SU Vice President, and it is my proudest achievement. To see staff and students come together and stand for the same message is powerful and uplifting. I want to be remembered for the positive impact I made in empowering our Cardiff Met community to challenge this behaviour, seek support and to stand as one. It is amazing to see the difference we can make when we come together."

Bethan Banks

Policy and Procedural Advisor


"Managing the Advice and Support Service it is my job to support students through a number of difficult situations. Having the opportunity to create a university wide campaign to stress the importance of standing up against sexual misconduct, educating students on appropriate behaviours and empowering students to stand up in supporting themselves and others has been extremely rewarding."




Carwyn Thomas

Campaign Graphic & Web Designer


Greg Caine

Campaign Videographer - Cardiff Met Alumni

special thanks to


Ben Rogers

Director of Registry Services
For continuing support throughout the campaign.


Matthew Dunstan

Complaints Manager – Academic Registry
For continuing support throughout the campaign.


Debbie Woodroffe

New Pathways
For support in facilitating student workshops.