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Eco Fashion Society

As I hope you’re aware, The Fashion Industry is the second most polluting industry to the planet. Now more than ever, companies are mass producing new styles 52 times a year to keep up with the weekly trends. That’s a lot of clothes. With cheap clothes at the end of our fingertips, our relationship with our wardrobe has changed, and our planet is feeling the effects of it.


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The society would be split into two sessions, one each week. The first would be a creative session for all levels, where we’d be upcycling old garments from either charity stores or wardrobes. It’d also be a time and space that members could utilise to create backdrops and photoshoots for their Depop channel, encouraging the usage of second-hand sites, selling either their old clothes or their newly upcycled.


The second session would be looking into the ethics and issues of the industry, empowering workers across the globe. Stacey Dooley type work. Fighting issues such as gender pay gap, workplace harassment, workplace conditions and the continuous challenges arising throughout the global industry. Through the works of campaigns, emails, petitions. A time to share knowledge and educate each other, then hopefully make a difference.


As a group, our aims would be to spread the awareness of second-hand fashion, make it accessible to our students, through the arrangement of events such as cloth swap, second-hand rails. Making it the norm through educating people; ensure people know what’s going on in the world and the purchasing power they have when dressing themselves. We’d look to educate students through banners and public guest speakers, everyone needs to be aware of it. Second-hand fashion shows at the university would be a place to showcase our pieces from the creatives sessions and be a chance to put some money back into the group.


Future aspirations of the group would be to start voluntary upcycling workshops for younger children in the local area, giving back to the community. I went to my first sewing class in primary school and believe it’s a vital skill. Teaching the young is preparing the next generation.


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