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Formula Met Society

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Welcome to the Formula-MET Society! 

With a large following of motorsports within Cardiff Met, we aim to bring together those with a shared interest and those who do not currently follow the sport, introduce them to it and build a community that demonstrates how their academic skills can be incorporated within the industry.

Our aims:

  • Demonstrate how individuals can apply their skills within the motorsports industry.
  • Look at the issues that motorsports are currently facing, such as sustainability issues and climate threats and discuss how these issues can be addressed.
  • Build a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Design an autonomous vehicle that can be entered into the Formula Student competition at Silverstone.

Our initial plan is to run a number of events incorporating both practical and theoretical elements and events looking at addressing the issues within the industry.

Items included in events would be the robotic car kits currently held within CST to hold races. We will aim to break down into smaller groups to design their cars and program them to autonomously follow a pre-defined circuit.

Our ultimate goal is to design, program, fabricate and build a full-scale AI car to enter the Formula Student competition.

Memberships cost £5 for the academic year.







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