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Afro Caribbean Society (ACS)


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Afro Caribbean Society

What is the ACS?

  • The Afro-Caribbean Society is a representation of the African and Caribbean culture in Cardiff Met!
  • A place where you can learn new and beautiful things about other cultures.
  • EVERYONE is welcome! 
  • ACS is a place where people from different origins come together and socialise with each other.
  • We aim to provide a better understanding of African Caribbean heritage.
  • We will engage you through social, educational, cultural and charitable events.
  • We are open to all cultures, and we welcome anyone who wishes to get involved.
  • We are committed to meeting on a regular basis and we aspire to organize events and activities throughout the year. 
  • We have a lot in store for this year and you don't want to miss out.
  • Being a relativly new society, we are open to new and interesting ideas that are brought to the table!
  • At the ACS society we aim to promote cultural recognition and appreciation but NOT Segregation!