CHarity events

      As well as fundraising for our own events and to keep the society running, the Climbing society supports the charity Climbing Out!


     "Climbing Out was founded by Kelda Wood in 2010. Eight years earlier a freak accident left Kelda with an irreparable leg injury that had a huge impact on her life and ended her          dreams of becoming an Olympic horse rider.

      After rebuilding her confidence, Kelda changed her focus and eventually retrained as an outdoor instructor. In 2010 she launched Climbing Out to help people who have been            through life changing mental or physical trauma or illness." 

     So far we've completed a Climb-athon at Boulders Cardiff, with 7 members completing 302 ascents in 6 hours. We're hoping to put on more events similar to this, as well as             bake sales and raffles to raise as much as possible for such an amazing charity.