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Capture the flag (CTF)

Cardiff Met CTF is a society which is centered around teaching and refining offensive hacking skills for legal use within the Cardiff Met student body. This will be achieved via the medium of interactive lectures which will be delivered by the chairman and guest speakers around the topic of offensive hacking.

The aim of this society is NOT to simply discuss offensive hacking but also to partake in it. This will be achieved within your own time by practicing your skills on platforms such as HackTheBox in order to represent our university on the global stage and enhance your personal hacking skillset. You will also be aided by the committee in control of the society and other members of the society whilst learning, so please do not worry about getting assistance in your exploits.

Additionally, we will also be partaking in many public CTF events on platforms such as HackTheBox and organising our own internal competitions in order to represent our university and potentially win prizes which can be distributed amongst those who took part in our exploits. One such example of a CTF can be seen here, which has a top prize of £1,700 plus other goodies.

The only bar of entry which we require is a basic understanding of computing, good English skills and a willingness to learn. Please do not hesitate to join even if you have no previous experience in offensive hacking as many of our members are in the same boat and you shall learn alongside them.


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