We really value the contribution made by everyone involved in the SU Rep Structure and we want to ensure all of our SU Reps are well trained and supported within the role. This year, with the restrictions in place, we’ve had to adapt our delivery of the SU Rep Training and have built an online training session that takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Please complete this training whether you are a new or returning Rep. The training will help you to:

• Understand the role of SU Reps are and to understand why they are needed.
• Learn the main tasks SU Reps should be undertaking.
• Discover the skills needed to be an affective Rep.
• Gain an understanding of the SU, its purpose and services.
• Identify the links between the Students’ Union, Student Reps and the University.
• To understand the meetings you’ll attend and explore effective meeting skills and conduct.

Please complete the training and the short feedback form at the end which will then tell us that you have completed the session so we can update our records.

As a thank you for being an SU Rep, during the training we’ll tell you how to get you SU Lanyard, a FREE CareerCake.com powerpass worth £200, Cardiff Met t-shirt’s and hoody’s, how to use your experience as an SU Rep to count towards achieving the Cardiff Met Award.




* The session is compatible for tablet or mobile but works best on a PC. Either scroll down and work from the embedded plugin on this webpage or click the link to redirect you to the external website - Cardiff Met SU Rep Training 2020 *