What is Student minds?

Student Minds is a student led peer to peer support network that runs in tandem through Student Minds (UK's leading Student Mental Health Charity) and your Students' Union. Our peer facilitators, who are all Cardiff Met students, are trained by Student Minds to deliver a Positive Minds programme.

The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. The six week, confidential course has been developed using material from Students Against Depression which provides award-winning information and self-help resources for depression.

When low mood hangs around, it can be easy to end up in a downward spiral. Whilst not a substitute for professional help, the strategies discussed in Positive Minds offer a starting point for what you can do to prevent chronic stress or low mood from persisting or getting worse. By supporting you to make positive changes in your daily life, Positive Minds helps students to build strategies to maintain positive mood throughout university.

The course

Positive Minds is suitable for most students and covers a different topic each week. The topics provide the basis of the sessions, but there is flexibility to tailor the discussions to your experiences. Here are the topics that will be covered:

Week 1 - Building a Support Network
Week 2 - Active Stress Management
Week 3 - Mornings and Sleep
Week 4 - Reflections, Food and Mood
Week 5 - Activity, Exercise and Relaxation
Week 6 - Positive Socialising