Met clear up at #BUCSOutdoor 2019 Athletics Championships

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Cardiff Met Athletics club travelled to Bedford and competed over the weekend in the BUCS Outdoor 2019 Athletics Championship, showcasing their entitlement of the Vice Chancellor’s awards which they were awarded at this year’s #SUSportsAwards2019.


52 athletes were entered into events across track and field and featured past gold members and newly established Archer’s. The team also paid special thanks to their committee, coaches and supporters who have supported the athletes through some outstanding results throughout the year.


Team and Individual Results


TOP 8 individuals

Gold Harrison Walsh - Amb Discus 

Gold Harrison Walsh - Amb Shot

Gold Jac Palmer - Hammer

Gold Adele Nicoll - SP 

Gold Catherine Hardy, Melissa Roberts, Amy Odunaiya, Megan Davies, Mica Moore - Women’s 4x100m 

Silver Piers Copeland - 800m 

Silver Arron Owen - 200m 

Bronze Gareth Picken - WC100

Bronze Gareth Picken - WC800 

Bronze Melissa Roberts - 200m 

4th Melissa Roberts - 100m

4th Julie Rogers - Amb 100m 

4th Jake Smith  - 5000

4th Adele Nicoll - Discus 

5th Jordan Wood  - 3000SC

5th Hannah Tapley - HJ 

6th Mica Moore - 100m

6th Amy Odunaiya- 200m 

6th Iori Moore, Kieran Elland, Rhodri Williams, Joe Brier, Elliot Scott - Men’s 4x400m 

7th Zach Harrop - PV 

7th Jack Hope  - 3000SC 

7th Joe Brier - 400m 

7th Fiona Hockey - PV 

8th Rosie Chamberlain - 800m 

8th Klara Lynn, Hana Blake, Ffion Roberts, Rosie Chamberlain, Katrina Simpson - Women’s 4x400m


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