Get ahead with the Cardiff Met Award

Be the best version of you and get involved with the SU's Cardiff Met Award!

Welcome to the Cardiff Met Award!

Heard about it? Yep. Nope. Maybe? This is a programme run by the Students Union which is open to all students, regardless of year group or course: Our aim is to help you to bring together all the extra-curricular activities you might be involved in alongside your studies, and translate those into marketable ‘skills’ which will be of interest to future recruiters. 

The Award is well embedded into the SU structure and we have a great  support network of Professionals to give you advice and help you to develop and strengthen your employability. 

So, how could you get involved? Refreshingly, there is no formal application process: simply ‘register’ for the Award by emailing a copy of your most recent CV and a Cover Letter (explaining why you would like to take the Award & what you hope to gain from it). We don’t mind how confident (or not) you  feel your employable skills and experience is : What’s important to us is your enthusiasm and willing to learn and reflect, so that whether you are applying  for part time work to boost your bank account, or moving towards your graduation plans -  we help you to explore outside of your comfort zone, map out a clear pathway for you and support you every step of the way. 

We want you to present yourself at application and interviews with knowledge and confidence and self-awareness  -  and know how to articulate this to future recruiters. 

In gaining work experience  -  paid or unpaid and encouragement to explore all the training opportunities offered by the SU and the University, you will emerge the other end with a stronger CV and more insightful of your way ahead. 

There is more information on the SU website here: – or drop us a line anyway and we can talk you through it. 

We would love to have you onboard -  join us, the sooner the better!