Jack - Communications Officer Blog

This term my main involvement this term has been my work behind the scenes, I have continued representing the SU as communications officer working on the social media platforms, investigating what type of information works best for you! To do this, I have run algorithms that analyse information abou tour social media posts to look at the most engaging times, types of posts, topics of posts, days of the week etc. Doing this we can tailor our content in the future to improve its effectiveness!

I was also involved in the Global Week & Fairtrade Football Tournament, in which I played striker for Northern Ireland (not something I thought I’d ever say). I must say I was proud of the involvement of the student body in this day, as well as the running of the event itself. Everyone got games, as well as being super fun every single game was highly competitive, showing the quality of talent within the university! My shooting boots seemed to be on (for once) as I scored in every game I played in, but my luck soon ran out as I left the field with a torn hamstring in the semi-final, still reaching the final where we were finally defeated.

As we move in to the final term I will continue my analysis work and will be helping to find the next Communications Officer. Could you be it? Could you deliver effective communications for the Students’ Union across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as well as helping the Web and Communications expert in the SU? If so apply now, I’ve loved everything about the role so I definitely recommend it!