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My experience as a Global Officer!

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My experience as a Global Officer



Its been nearly a month since I started my adventure as a part of Cardiff Met SU. It has been busy, especially once my course started. I’m a second year and I thought second year will be the best for getting involved with SU because it isn’t too busy and I’m already familiar with uni structure and routine. Training week was really good, I’ve learned a lot  and I met so many amazing people. I could not be happier with the SU team. We all got along with each other super fast and thanks to Amy and Keira who organised the best bonding activities. We went out for an amazing meal and went to Escape Rooms where we got to know how each one of us works under pressure and how people get stressed. Definitely a handy experience.

I also attended QED conference where I had the opportunity to listen to many very interesting people talking about their experiences out in the real world and the opportunities for graduating students. And on the last day we went to Bingo Lingo and it was so fun! I haven’t done it before and it was way better than I expected. We were all still very chill and I think we all had fun. Bingo Lingo is definitely a bonding activity.

That was the week we all got to know each other and begin to properly work and think how we will organise the events and campaigns we were asked to think about for our roles. But the key week for SU was the Freshers week, especially Freshers Fayre. We were supposed to be visible for any students during the week so they can just approach us and ask questions if they had any. On Monday me and the Diversity and Equality officer- Delphi, gave a talk to all first years about our experiences on two of the modules CSAD does. It was really stressful as I’ve never spoken in front of such a big number of people. But presentation skills are one of my weaknesses and I am going to work on it. On Wednesday that week Freshers Fayre took place, it was such a busy day but it was loads of fun. I introduced myself to different societies (especially the international societies) to make them aware that if they need any help whatsoever they are always welcome to contact me. And I made them aware that I would love them to come to the events ill be organising throughout the year. By the end of the day I was so tired but it was definitely worth it, it was really well organised. A huge thankyou to the whole SU for that!


The next evening all reps got invited for a gorgeous supper at the Chair of Governors house and it was amazing to meet Ilora and her husband. It was a stunning evening with amazing food and we had the chance to listen to her husband and two of our Officers play piano which is really great.


And the last event that week was Met Fest and it was brilliant. The weather was amazing which made it so much better than last year. And everything was close to the main stage and well placed. The Silent disco and outdoor cinema were my absolute favourites. The live music in Zen bar was really good too!

After Freshers week I actively started to organise my main event for this year on which I’m collaborating with the Wellbeing officer- Bella. It’s called Far From Home event and it’s for everyone to attend. The events main aim is to help people who are feeling home sick to adjust and make them aware that they aren’t alone. I thought that collaborating with the wellbeing officer will be a great idea for that event as most International students feel home sick and  we need to make everything we can to make sure they know we are here for them and that they aren’t alone. But the fact is that not only international students feel home sick so me and Bella decided to make it a big event just before end of term. I’m planning to do it on both campuses, but as me and Bella are based on Llandaff it was just easier to organise it on Llandaff campus first and then depending how that goes organise another one in Cyncoed campus. That’s the event that is happening now, and me and Bella are working on it actively. After Christmas I’m planning to organise a campaign that I still need to plan and another event involving some of the societies, especially Open Mic society.

I will be updating Amy and Sam on all of my progress as I plan everything I have ideas for.


Global Officer- Nika Kosmowska


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