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Is it just me or did term 1 completely fly by?

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Hi all!

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas and an amazing New Year celebration. Term one was a busy one for me as I hit the ground running for not only this role, but also for my first term of third year. Is it just me or did term 1 completely fly by? It’s bittersweet to think I’m nearly halfway through this role that I’ve really enjoyed so far, but it means I’m closer to graduation! Once Freshers was over, the term started off with Course Rep Training. With Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from all Schools!



A huge part of my role is to advocate for all students in our school on a huge range of topics, from financial issues, to how the library can be improved, to course related issues. Just like how course representatives sit in programme committee about their specific courses, I sit in committees such as Teaching and Learning Committee, alongside my lead reps, which discusses how the teaching and learning of the school can be innovated and improved. As a School Rep I also sit on the board of Trustees for the SU, which is an incredible opportunity.

We had a fantastic Staff Student Liaison committee, which is open to all student reps in our school, towards the end of term with students from all three areas of our school ( Social Policy, Education and Humanities) and I’m really looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much to all reps who have attended meetings this term and contributed to so much positive change in our school already this year, it’s really amazing to see and has been noticed across the Uni!



Metvoice week

In the last week of November, the Students Union alongside QED hosted a week dedicated to Student voice – aptly named #MetVoice week. The week had the aim of collecting feedback straight from students themselves, hearing their voice, about issues that affected daily student life whilst at University.

Throughout the week, Grace (who is the School representative for the School of Health Sciences and Sport on Cyncoed campus) and I teamed up, as we wanted to collect feedback from across Cyncoed Campus, as well as our own schools.

Through our #MetVoice / #LlaisMet wall, we collected the feedback from students from across the campus on issues such as employability, wellbeing and engagement along with collecting feedback about the Students Union. On the Thursday I was able to run a competition just tailored to CSESP students collecting feedback about our school, which I have since taken to meetings and various departments across the University.



Also in November I was able to work alongside Keira, our Vice President, at an open day on Cyncoed campus! I was able to chat to hundreds of potential future Cardiff Met Students about the SU and SU Sport! 

One of my aims coming into this role was to work on improving the accessibility and inclusivity across our campuses. Last year during my second year, I brought the idea of putting ‘Not all disabilities are visible’ signs on all disabled toilet doors across Cardiff Met to the SU, and I decided to use my role this year to make it happen! Working alongside the Estates team and with Delphi (the equality and diversity officer) has been such a positive experience and I am so happy to say that in 2020, all disabled toilets should display this. Little positive changes like this across our Uni really makes it so much more friendly and accessible for those with invisible illnesses and disabilities.


Ty Hafan

To finish off the term in December was one of the most special days I’ve had during my time at Cardiff Met. The Students Unions charity of the year is Ty Hafan, a children’s hospice based near Cardiff.  The SU team was invited along to get involved in their Christmas pantomime day for the children. Delphi (E&D officer), Connor (CSM Rep), Mona (CSSHS Llandaff) and I even channeled our inner actors and got involved with the Pantomime performance of ‘The Greatest Showman!’ We were all lucky enough to get a tour of the hospice after and I don’t think I can even explain how special a place it is.




My involvement with the SU began in my first year as I joined the drama society, which fast became one of my favorite things about Uni. This year I am lucky enough to be helping lead the society. Towards the end of last term we started preparations for our production in May, and now we are in full swing! Drama Society is a place for everyone, no matter your experience with acting or theatre. We’ve been work-shopping scripts, developing our skills and just having a lot of fun through our sessions and socials.


Lead Reps

I couldn’t do my job without the help of my lead reps Chloe, Emma and Amy. I wanted to profile them in this blog to show you the great work they’ve been doing!


Chloe Edwards – Lead representative for Education

I am currently studying EPSEN at Cardiff met, after my degree I am hoping to progress onto a PGCE and pursue a career as a primary school teacher. When I am not at university I work part time as a LSA in schools, work for the university as a student ambassador, waitress at a bakery and am secretary for Llantrisant young farmers. When I have free time I enjoy looking after my sheep and eating good food. 

As I currently hold the position of lead rep for Education I attend many meetings in order to express the student voice from the school of education prospective. I work closely with the other school reps ensuring that members of staff are aware of the positive and negative aspects of uni life. 


Emma Parcell – Lead representative for Social Policy

This term I have attended training and collected student feedback both positive and negative which has been passed on to school rep.  I plan to continue enabling students to have their voice heard and look forward to meeting up with course reps in the new year


Amy Knight – Lead representative for Humanities

Hello, my name is Amy Knight. I'm a third year Drama and Media student. This is my second year as Lead Rep for Humanities. I love the role as it's a great opportunity for student voice to be heard. I find the Student Staff Liaison meetings interesting as it's an opportunity for student's concerns to be raised. 


As we head into Term 2 I am looking forward to Varsity and Student Achievement Awards.



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