Societies in the Spotlight: Artisan's Anonymous and Dumbledore's Army

At Cardiff Met we have over 40 societies, with new ones are starting up most weeks. We've asked two of our most recent societies to introduce themselves and show you what they have been up to. Rebecca from Artisans Anonymous and Lawrence from Dumbledore's Army have written a short peice so you can get to know the societies and see if you would like to get involved.

Artisans Anonymous Society

Artisans Anonymous is a newly set up Art society open to everyone within the University. The society was created for students to meet other students from different disciplines, skill sharing workshops, discussions and museum and art gallery visits.
We have a Facebook page which we use to share thoughts, ideas and plan visits. It is also used to share posts from other artists and projects found online which might interest and inspire another member. So far we have been on three trips; Cardiff, Bristol and Bath, which were nominated, voted and decided upon in one of our AA meetings, where we visited museums, galleries and exhibitions as a group.
We aim to host 2 trips per term and several social meetings located usually on campus or a local spoons pub.
The society is a great way to meet other CSAD students working in different subjects and years on a social basis and is a way to visit great exhibitions cheaply.
I decided to start up the society as I’m on the Artist, Designer, Maker course and found that there weren’t many trips being organised by the university and after discussing with my peers found that they thought the same. They also felt quite disconnected from the other art courses in the University considering we share the same building. So after further discussion I decided to step up and create a society that encourages all CSAD student to meet up and enjoy shared experiences.
We have an AA meeting scheduled for Tuesday 15th March, where hopefully I would have had a response from our funding body, in order to plan our next days out. The meetings are all informal, fun and friendly. At this meeting we will be discussing and voting where our next day out will be and also discussing fundraising ideas.
The society can be joined through Cardiff Met’s Student Union Website under the heading ‘Societies’…Its really simple…you find Artisans Anonymous, click add to basket, then at the top left of the page click the basket icon and “check out” where you will then be given your reference code. (Don’t panic its FREE!)
Like what you see? Get registering via the student union’s website, join our Facebook page, keep in the know with our meetings, discussions and trips and we look forward to welcoming you fellow artisan!

Dumbledore's Army Society

Dumbledore's Army is a society for Harry Potter fans across the different schools for Cardiff Metropolitan students who want to meet other people with the same interests and passions.

At our most recent social event, we provided free pizza and drink. We managed a gathering of around 19 people, which for us was impressive because we have only been going since November last term. In light of the great Alan Rickman's death that hit the nation only a few weeks ago, the D.A Team decided to pay tribute to this legend, who in the Harry Potter realm we know wholeheartedly as Professor Snape. We did this in Zen bar and showed a 28 minute clip of Professor Snape (Alan Rickman)'s scenes throughout the HP series. This continued throughout the time the people who attended were filling out questionnaires and stopped shortly after, changing to the soundtrack from the movies, when we had the Sorting Ceremony. Everyone paid tribute to Alan Rickman and we honoured him the best way we knew how as a Harry Potter Society.

Currently, we run meetings twice a month and are in the process of applying for funding, as well as fundraising ideas, asking our society members to get involved and help us raise money so we can afford to book a trip to the Harry Potter studios in London! At the moment, we have been meeting in the Heart Space in the CSAD building, but we are still in the process of looking for a permanent location. This could potentially be the Zen bar.

I loved the idea of societies when I was looking and applying for university. A few of my choices did have Potter societies. When I got into my dream university (Cardiff Met of course), I was disappointed to find no other students had decided to set one up. I'm very passionate about Harry Potter, it's one of my favourite things to come home from a stressful day and just emerge myself into the magical world of Harry Potter. I felt like other students would appreciate having a society that also reflects their passion for this franchise of entertainment and being able to meet like-minded people.

If you are a massive Potter nerd like I am, then joining Dumbledore's Army would be beneficial for you. It allows you to meet people with the same interests or passions as you and our greatest hope for this society is to build everlasting friendships for people.

You can register to Dumbledore's Army via under the Societies category or you can find us on Facebook at
We also have a Twitter! @CMETDASociety