Student-Led Teaching Awards

We have held our annual SLTA awards night on 10th May. We were thrilled to be able to recognise the efforts and outstanding achievement of many of our staff. This year, we have re-worked some of the categories to not only recognise the teaching staff, but many support staff that on occasions teach, but importantly provide guidance and support to our students beyond the classroom.

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We have held our annual SLTA awards night on 10th May. We were thrilled to be able to recognise the efforts and outstanding achievement of many of our staff. This year, we have re-worked some of the categories to not only recognise the teaching staff, but many support staff that on occasions teach, but importantly provide guidance and support to our students beyond the classroom.

This year, we have received total of 197 nominations of different staff across the university.

Congratulations to our winners and all nominated! Please have a look through what our students have mentioned about this year’s winners!


Outstanding Contribution to CSAD Student Life

David Wrenne

David is the head of Graphics and overseas many departments for many other CSAD subjects. Not only has he been helpful for students giving them good advice for their work on what’s going well, but Students also said when saying what to improve on he presents feedback in a good constructive way/tone which many of their classmates appreciate.

On top of helping graphics, he does so much for other courses in CSAD and that’s a lot of work. Students said David goes above and beyond to help them to do their best and also to help their student Uni experience reach its top potential.

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Outstanding Contribution to CSM Student Life

Ceris Probert 

Within the school of Management Ceris has helped many students and always reaches out with new ideas and jobs. A student said, Ceris is always on hand for advice and tips and remembers everything about students personal journeys which makes her so easy to talk to and make career plans with as she always goes the extra mile. 

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Outstanding Contribution to CSESP Student Life

Janet Beauchamp

A student shared, Janet has been very supportive and helpful with her teaching and takes her time to explain the modules she's teaches. She often goes over a particular topic until everyone understands. she's also very supportive in explaining what is expected in essays and assignments and breaks down what they might see as complex concepts.

Another student said, Janet is a beautiful person in and out; she is very supportive. she is always doing everything she can to support us in a very professional way.

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Outstanding Contribution to CSSHS Student Life

Dr Lowri Mainwaring

A student shared that When starting University, there is always a stigma that your lecturers won’t know you or even particularly care, but Lowri has been the one, to me, who has truly broken the mould.

Year Two has not been an easy one, but without fail Lowri has always been there with support and advice, no matter the situation. Any advice she has ever given is always with the best intentions and it is so clear that she genuinely wants her students to thrive both within and outside of university and will go above and beyond in helping them to do so.

The compassion and support she has shown towards students are an asset not only the for the Biomedical Science department but to Cardiff Met as a whole.

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Outstanding Contribution to CST Student Life

Joel Pinney

A student shared that Joel is really engaged with students, very approachable and will always support them in their studies consistently staying connected on teams if there are any concerns.

Another student shared, alongside excellent teaching, Joel has created inspiration in students that they’ve not seen other lectures do. He has provided so many learning opportunities. With all the work Joel does for his students and to improve himself he is a fantastic lecture and an inspirational person.

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Outstanding Contribution to Student Life 

Matt Leighfield

Students shared, Matt just goes above and beyond helping not just graphics students but all students from other courses, with anything tech related or even if it has nothing to do with work he always checks in on people. He is such a friendly person to talk to and throughout their uni experience he has made a lot of positive impacts. They hope he gets the credit and recognition he deserves.

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Outstanding impact for Welsh Education

Elizabth Bowen

Students shared; Liz's Welsh for Adults class has been the highlight of every week. She is so good at capturing the class attention and sharing Welsh culture. She is an amazing storyteller, and they love how she can get the entire class interested in the Welsh fairy tales. It feel like their learning Welsh now, after living here for 6 plus years, thanks to her they are feeling more confident and inspired to learn. She has a gift for teaching, and she brightens my day, I cannot put into words how grateful I am! Diolch Liz!!

Another student said, couldn’t ask for a better Welsh teacher! Always so enthusiastic and has such a passion for the language that has been passed on to all of us in the class. Liz has totally helped us to thrive in not only learning Welsh, but the culture and folklore alongside has made the lessons so enjoyable - we all always look forward to the story at the end of the lesson! I have learnt so much, even though it’s only been a few months.

Absolutely love having her as a teacher - she is just so lovely!

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Outstanding Personal Tutor Award

Carys Williams

A student shared, being my personal tutor across all three years, I can honestly say that I do not think I’d still be on the course graduating this summer if it wasn’t for Carys. She has been an outstandingly supportive, motivational, patient, understanding and inspirational mentor. Having gone through difficult times in personal life, as well as studying a challenging course, she has supported and guided me at times where I could have given up. I can share anything with Carys and can confide within her more than anyone else including my personal life. She is now supporting me in job applications and future prospects, something that I wouldn’t even be able to consider if it wasn’t for her supporting me through the last three years as a student.

All other tutors should aspire to be as amazing as her.

Diolch Carys

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Outstanding PG Tutor of the year award

Valerie Scholey

A student shared, I have had a difficult & stressful time after trying to re-enrol after a gap year and Val has gone above and beyond in sorting things out for me, calling other departments, making sure I have access to everything I need, helping me catch up ensuring I was fully up to speed. Kept in touch via email and teams’ meetings when they were struggling. Val has made my experience far less stressful, more enjoyable and really made me want to achieve the best outcome at the end of the year. A true assist to CardiffMet.

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Outstanding PGR Supervisor of the year award

Dr. Karen De Claire

A Student shared; Karen deserves this award because she has been so consistent throughout my studies. She has supported me throughout changes to my other supervisory provision and ensures I maintain the right focus towards my studies. Karen always offers sounds advice and has a relaxed and informal approach to her supervisory style, which I find to be supportive. She provides detailed feedback to help me further my work and development and this is exactly what you need in a supervisor! Thank you, Karen.

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