Market Research Society want to help YOU develop in the industry

As part of Student Volunteering and Employability Week  (22nd – 26th February)  MRS (Market Research Society) and the AQR (Association for Qualitative Research) are coming to the SU on Thursday 25th Feb to speak to students about the perceptions of Market Research, expanding on what is great about the industry, the variety, innovation, and impact on strategy.


When you think about professions that are at the forefront, perhaps advertising and marketing come to mind. And let's face it, they probably deserve this status. But, market research defines the forefront.  From the very first concept we come into play. We investigate if the idea has potential, if so how should it be developed, positioned, and to whom it should be marketed. We then follow its progress until final launch, looking at packaging, communication and competition, tweaking its development at every stage. We partner the clients throughout development, and beyond, after the launch. Very few products or social policies are launched without market research.


Meet Ken and Trish at 1.30pm on Thursday 25th February in the Students’ Union meeting room (next door to Starbucks!)

Sign up to secure your place – first come first serve.

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A draft agenda:

•             Trish Parker (MRS Fellow) – Introduces the session and the speakers

•             Ken Parker – (Fellow of MRS & Chair of the AQR).  Ken speaks for 5 minutes introducing the reason behind the session title “Defining the Forefront”, and illustrates this with high profile research projects he’s worked on.

•             Two young research professionals with differing experience give ‘their story’ and share a case study or two

•             Trish Parker ends by discussing career opportunities and take questions.