Rep Training

The Students' Union delivers training for all levels of the rep structure to help make the student voice heard throughout Cardiff Met.

School Reps are trained before the start of term to equip them with the skills and knowledge to fulfill their role. This includes managing the rep structure within their school, recruiting lead and course reps and being a key part of training others.

Lead Rep training  is delivered at the start of the year by the School Reps who receive support from the SU and their academic school. All levels of reps are also encouraged to attend SU workshops to support them in their role. Please speak to your School Rep to find info on your training dates.

Course Rep training is delivered by the SU at the start of the academic year. All reps must be trained and the SU will provide a range of opportunities to complete this. Training offers reps a chance to clarify their responsibilities, gain key tips for promoting their role and gather feedback whilst meeting other reps from across Cardiff Met.