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#MHAW17 - Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Don't be Afraid to Speak

In light of last week’s announcement of a sporting star being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, this week being #MHAW17 gives us a great opportunity to take another step to eradicating the stigma that surrounds mental health.

We all feel comfortable in telling people about our physical health whether it be good or bad, and the case should be the same for our mental health too. We all have mental health, we just need to improve our knowledge and understanding of how to deal with things when they become challenging, and how to express our thoughts.

In the case of the elite sportsmen and sportswomen of the world, there is a perception created:

“How can they be depressed when they earn so much money?”

“They live a life of luxury, there’s nothing wrong with them surely?”

We tend to forget that besides their lifestyle and earnings, they are just people, and they are as susceptible, if not more susceptible at times, of suffering from mental illness.

The month of May here at Cardiff Met brings its own challenges for students. Some may be coming to the end of their studies and are considering the transition after University, whilst others will be sitting exams that may impact their degree classification. Some thoughts that coincide with these situations are:

“What if I fail my exams?”

“What will my parents think if I don’t get a first class degree?”

“Has it all really been worth the financial cost of University?”

These thoughts and questions that we ask ourselves are completely normal, and we should encourage people to speak out.

Where Can You Find Help?

Speak to friends, family, lecturers, student services, the Students’ Union, student reps, just about anyone! Problems tend to arise when we bottle up our emotions/thoughts over a period of time, and decide not to talk about them. Speak out, socialise and embrace the challenges you face, and remember there is always support available to you. The University counselling service run a Wellbeing Café once a week in Llandaff and Cyncoed campuses, and these are a great place to sit down, have a coffee and a chat in an informal environment. If you would like to contact me personally, I’m more than happy to meet or correspond via email.

Don’t be afraid to speak!

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