Introducing - Jade, CSESP School Rep

Hi everyone! My name is Jade Staniforth and I have taken over the role of School of Education and Social Policy’s representative. I am based on the Cyncoed campus and work very closely with the other amazing school representatives which are based in both Cyncoed and Llandaff. I also work alongside my team/family of Lead and Course reps to ensure that all students have a voice which will be heard! I will be creating a blog post which will be sent out monthly, so keep an eye out for this as it will help you keep up to date on what is happening within the school and see what myself and the other reps have been up to!

To begin the first blog of the year, I’d like to introduce myself properly! I am a second-year Primary Education Studies student and was a Lead rep during my first year at Cardiff Met. The course I have chosen to study has only been running for two years. As it is a relatively new course, I felt it was even more important to become a representative during my first and second year here so we can continue to feedback the needs of us students to continually improve the experience of all University students. As well as getting involved in the rep structure, I have worked alongside this year’s current Lead rep for year 2, Will Slater, to create the PES (primary education studies) Society. The society has allowed me to a part of another little ‘family’ within the University and has given me the chance to continue to make an impact on student learning and experience. The rep structure and the society is both provided by the SU, and has given me opportunities and allowed me to try new things which I wouldn’t have had access to prior.

September Month!

As part of my new role, I attended training which was spread over a week. During the week, we had the opportunity to meet various members of staff from the SU, and begin to settle back into university life. Throughout the week we discussed the roles of school reps, lead reps and course reps to ensure that everyone had a clear idea of what was expected of them and to get us ready for take on our new roles head on!

To break up the week of training, we had a team building day on the Wednesday! Will (President) and Ieaun (Vice President), piled us into the minibus and off we went to Brecon! We were greeted with wetsuits, helmets and life jackets, then told to make the trek in our attire down to the reservoir. The task: use barrels, rope, and wood to make a raft. The challenge: split into two teams (reps and officers), race against each other, get back in one piece and attempt to stay dry! Of course, there was some cheating from the one team (officer’s ha!) and the rep team clearly won! Some definite competitive team members with a few of us giving up with the raft and actually jumping in the reservoir to swim back and win the race! The day was a complete success, and the idea of ‘team building’ was an understatement with us as we walked away feeling like we had known each other years.

Moving forward to the week of Freshers! Everyone had their game faces on and ready to meet all the new students! With reps, officers, welcome crew and the Uni staff on hand, we were definitely the Cardiff Met dream team! The fayre had absolutely everything that a new fresher could need! From discounts, games, societies, dancing, a mechanical bull and to end the day, a pizza eating competition! The day was non-stop from 8.30am to set up until 4 pm to wave goodbye to the students for now. If you missed the event, please head to the SU website to catch up and get involved in all the SU has to offer.

Last but certainly not least, was MET FEST! What was not to love about this event! Food! Cocktails! Glitter! Inflatables! Live Music and Zorbing! The SU really pushed the boat out for this event and gave us students everything we love all in one place. Based at the Llandaff campus, giving students the chance to experience both campuses with Freshers Fayre being held at Cyncoed. Everyone got involved, including the staff, and was genuinely the best experience to see everyone getting together and just having a good time! What a fantastic way to start the new academic year off!

As I am only a second-year student, being a fresher is still very fresh in my mind! My first day of lectures and seminars were certainly a whirlwind and making sense of my timetable seemed impossible at first. But as the weeks and months went on, the whirlwind turned into one big crazy adventure and something that will stay in my mind forever, as the first day I started a new chapter of my life.

As mentioned above, being involved in the rep structure has allowed me to improve my own student experience and given me the opportunity to have my words heard. If you’d like to be involved and make changes that YOU want to happen, then the best way is to become a lead/course rep. Information on this is currently on the SU website, or please drop me an email or a tweet! Would love to hear from you!

Becoming a student at Cardiff Met has not only given me the opportunity to study for a degree which will allow me to move forward with my career, it has given me other experiences and build friendships which will stay with me for life. This year my aim is to continue to allow students to get more than just a degree from their time here! To gain experience and create connections with other people that will impact their life too. I will do this by working with my fantastic team of reps to continue to enhance the student experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions, or even want to get involved within the SU and the rep structure yourself, please feel free to email me at or tweet me @CSERep !!! Let’s stay connected J

To end the blog in style, I’d like to hope you all have a fantastic year full of adventure and crazy experiences. Keep an eye out for any events happening within the school, and be sure to get involved. Would love to see some new and returning faces!

Let’s make this a year to remember! Hope to see you all soon!