Introducing - Mark, CSAD School Rep

Training Week

Walking into Cyncoed I was very excited but also very nervous to start the training week, I’m not the most confident person but this is why I wanted to take on this role, throwing myself in the deep end I find is the best way to learn. This week was an eye opener it has taught me so many different skills through the many workshops that the SU carry out, for example, Time Management, Perfect Presentations, Assertiveness and Equality and Diversity.

I didn’t realise how intense School Rep Training was going to be. I learned so much about the Students Union during this week, I know I’m biased but there is so much work that the SU does throughout the University and I don’t think students are utilising these resources enough.

Freshers Week

Freshers Week started off with a bang, to say the least. My welcome talk was being held at City Hall this year, I remember being a fresher last year attending the welcome talk at Reardon Smith Theatre but because there are so many new CSAD students this year it had to be held in a larger venue, which is amazing for the School but nerve-racking for me. I can talk to a classroom full of people but City Hall was on another level, I had to talk to all these students about the SU making them aware of all the services we provide and obviously also making them aware of my role as their School Rep, I’m hoping that with my talk some students would be willing to become Course Reps and get involved with the SU.

The Fresher’s Fayre was amazing this year, the societies and businesses involved all helped to create what turned out to be a successful Fayre. As it was organised very differently this year, it was still very much a shot in the dark. Instead of having the big talk with the SU President and Vice-President, Freshers this year could go straight into the NIAC and see all the stalls. The main stage held talks and demonstrations from societies and businesses like the Acute Barbers who I had to introduce. Again, very daunting talking to so many people but at least this time the Freshers weren’t too focused on me. Instead, they were either at the Dominos stall eating free pizza, signing up for sports clubs or riding the mechanical bull at the Inside Out Festival stall.

MetFest was something I was personally very excited about. This was the first time our University held something like this, opening Llandaff campus to all Met students is a fantastic way for Cyncoed students to see Llandaff campus and explore, with the many activities being held in each building. It was also great to see many students getting involved with Art and Design, just because you aren’t in CSAD it doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. With the live music, inflatables and food it was the perfect way to end Fresher’s Week.

My Plans for the upcoming Month

October is going to be solely focused on my Rep Team. With Lead Rep recruitment and training deadline on the 13th, I only have two lead reps so I’m still looking for the other two. The Lead Reps I have are already experienced within the Rep Structure, my Lead Rep for year three used to be the CSAD School Rep and the Lead Rep for Masters used to be a Lead Rep as well. Deadline for Course Rep recruitment is on the 20th, with only having a few already appointed I’m expecting the rest within the first few weeks of Uni starting. 28th is their training date and I will be holding a team building session with them. I want my course reps to be very upfront with me feeding back any problems within the school, I have already created a group chat on Facebook with all my current course reps hoping to add the rest as they are appointed.