New Societies

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Societies are a great way to meet people with similar interests, try new things and make new friends while doing so. They are also a great way to boost your CV skill set and the best way to do this is by setting up your own society. Do you have a hobby, interest or want to do more with those on your course then why don’t you set up a new society and become the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer. This is what some students have already been doing over the last few weeks and we are happy to announce that at the Students' Union Finance and Service Committe five new societies have been approved.

The first of which being Go Karting Society, a fast, furious and fun new society set up by third year William Prince (Chairman) Lewis Burke (Secretary) and Michael Phillips (Treasurer) which aims to host both competitive and non-competitive races at a private race track in Cardiff on a weekly basis.
If you are interested in joining Go Karting then please contact William as their own webpage is still under construction.


Another new society that has recently been approved by the Student Union is Karaoke Society. Aiming to build confidence and create new friendships Karaoke will provide a feel good space to express yourself while you enjoy singing some of your favourite songs. Lead by 1st year Shaun Watkinson (Chair) Evan Davies (Secretary) and Diana Zavina (Treasurer) you can join by in by contacting Shaun Make sure to look out for their webpage and social media platforms once they have been set up.


TLC better known as Travel, Language & Culture Society hope to organise meetings where students can exchange languages and cultural top tips for travel. Celebrating a global mind set and multicultural environment the TLC committee members, Sean Rawlings, Della Hill and Abs Roble hope to introduce students to new people from different cultural background and create new friendships. Until their webpage and social media platforms are set up please contact Sean Rawlings for more information.


If you want to set up a society in which you can plan fun events with your course mates, network with other students from different years on your course,  then setting up a course based society is a great idea and can be simply done by contacting Kevin Doherty the Societies and Development Co-ordinator at Science Society have just been approved as a course based society and they aim to promote fascinating and interesting science matters, introducing TED talks and planned trips to conferences and important biomedical science related event’s. Third year Biomedical Science student Malak Eghleilib is your best contact if you wish to join Science Society but you can also contact Arwa Elk hider and Zaki Samir Janho.


1st Year Art and Design student Annie Fenton has set up her own Yoga society with help from fellow students Menna Samuels and Daisy Eltenton. Yoga will provide a chilled out space where you can reconnect with yourself and meet like-minded individuals while learning a new skill. If Yoga applies to you then do not hesitate to contact Annie @


We are so excited to see what these new societies will do in the future and as always the SU are here to help you in joining these groups or with the set up your very own society



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