The Importance of Sustaining our Motivation

Continuing to do something beneficial is obviously important for us. Though, sometimes it may be difficult to continue. I was awarded a prize called “The Best Academic Performance” provided by the English Language Training Centre (ELTC), which operates the international foundation course for international students and is a part of the School of Education.

The course had five modules and I successfully accomplished distinctions in all of them. I am very happy and proud of my achievement. At the same time, I genuinely appreciate the help towards my university life provided by those around me. I am sure that I would not have attained this prize without the help that I received from them.

Personally, I regard this milestone as an approval from the university for my attitude towards learning and development. The ELTC willingly presented me the prize, even though there was no obligation for them to do so. I felt that my efforts resulted in success. Having received this award has demonstrated that my dedication and commitment towards my learning and development has been recognised by others. This gives me an enhanced determination and confidence in my abilities.

When you receive praise for what you have achieved, you are given a positive mental energy. This is one of the reasons why I have attempted to communicate as friendly as I can, to try and let people around me know their strengths. Hopefully, this action helps people to realise their potential which they might not have noticed by themselves. Another reason is because I would like myself to be “an encouraging person” who is positive, motivating, and optimistic, while always trying to find a solution to problems, which is beneficial for everyone or at least, the majority. I admire the maxim made by Jeremy Bentham, “The greatest happiness of the greatest number”, and this maxim contributes to my principles of behaviour.

Some people have actually asked me whether I have always been happy and excited. Of course not. Sometimes I have a day with some negative emotions similar to the majority people have. Additionally, many people have told me that they were given positive emotions by me. That probably is a fact, though there is also another noticeable fact here. Regardless of whether or not they recognise that they give me a positive emotion as well. If they feel that I make them happy, the truth is they make me happy too. I am sure that this is a favourable situation not only for me but also for people around me, so to speak a “win-win” situation. Needless to say, this helps me to sustain my motivation.

Incidentally, do you know that there is a monetary bonus with this particular prize? I received a cheque in the amount of £100. At first, I thought that I would spend the money on myself through purchasing something special. However, I had second thoughts and decided to donate £90 equally between two institutions, Cathays Community Centre and NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). Each of £45 has already been contributed to both of the organisations and would be utilised to improve the circumstances of people who need help, in particular support from financial sources. I hope that this is helpful for them to receive the necessary and appropriate services they require.

It seems to be hard, often actually hard for us to continue to do something. Though, if you have a strong intention to attain what you would like to accomplish, the likelihood you will achieve it will probably increase. Get people around you involved in realising your objectives. Why not try to dream?