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Talk about being throw into the deep end! Quite literally in fact……

What a total whirlwind first term that was!

I came onto the Student Union team at the eleventh hour, just weeks before the start of term.

I saw the student union was advertising for a new events and activities officer on their website, and popped into the office for an informal chat about what was involved in the role. I went in simply to ask info and of course I walked out, accepted the position after convincing the president what a great idea it would be to have me on board. No patience. Hoping neither of us regret that choice just yet!

The best thing?

It’s a BRAND NEW ROLE! So there is lots of room to try new things, get involved in existing events and develop what the role will actually become in years to come.

The role so far has been varied and at times I’ve had to juggle my time around but it’s a beautifully flexible role, that I can fit around my studies, and Will the current president has ben totally supportive if I’m on a deadline and need time to do work.

As it is my third and final year, I had already represented my course as a student representative in year one and two, ensuring our voices as students are heard, so this for me was a natural step up and hopefully will turn into a fantastic year!

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t thrown in the deep end and given two weeks to create a monster event, but in our first week we had an epic five days of training for our roles, learning about the student union and the fantastic job they do for us as students.

AND THEY TOOK US ALL RAFT BUILDING! It was deep and it was cold. I wont lie. But we had an amazing time bonding - Officers V Schools Reps – The Officers won of course! (Mic drop)!

The first week of training, also shone a light on all the information students are able to get hold of on subjects such as procedures for marking work, support for when we feel at our most helpless or feel totally overwhelmed with work, and help with finance or finding a job! The SU is the place to go with all your questions – Like a real-life Cardiff met search engine, they quite literally can point you in the right direction to find the answers you need.

And yes, I’m getting paid for my role – to be a student - and you can too!

I’ve been able to help out on events such as Fresher’s fair, Charity fundraising events, taking charge of a week-long This Girl Can week of activities for females on campus and not to forget, the Christmas ball (Which was totes glam and uuuuber glitzy)!

Next term is already looking to be positive and full of enthusiastic days, getting student events organised and planning ready for the next officer to take over with a great head start on next year’s event schedule!

Watch this space folks!

Best wishes,


Events and Activites Officer


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