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My First Term, a Review...

Well that’s gone by fast, hasn’t it? No sooner had I joined the hustle and bustle of the SU team was I finishing my first term as an MSc student. You would think after 3 years here it’d just become routine, but that’s the thing about Cardiff Met, everything is always changing and developing, that no two years are the same!

I am a passionate sports person who has previously played football, rugby and athletics, but I now spend my time getting dirty in tough mudder and survivor of the fittest every year. I have traded 11 aside football for 5 aside, too bad I could trade my skills as I have little! 

That brings me onto my role within the SU, the communications officer, or affectionately known by the team as the ‘stats’ guy. When I accepted the position my aims were to improve the way the SU communicates with the people most important to it, the students. I want to us my knowledge to analyse the data relating to communications I want to help make the information more exciting and relatable, improve the feeling of involvement of the students and empower them through communication. This year I’ve added engagement rates and social trends to my repertoire of statistical analysis, the role is almost the same as that of what I’ve been doing the past two years, behind the scenes, where the highlights really are the people involved.

As soon as I got the role I was immediately introduced to everyone, we gelled almost immediately and I was incorporated into workflows straight away and I started attended meetings on behalf of the SU. One of the first was one of the highlights of the term for me, a meeting held by ISAS during their visit to Cardiff and one they stated was a highlight of their trip before awarding Cardiff Met the IAU Comprehensive Internationalization Badge, the first university in the world to be awarded this.

I was also involved in the SU’s Movember efforts this year, volunteering myself for tribute and sacrificing my own beard. I looked about 5 years younger, and even I’ve had to slowly nurse my beard back to full length after Movember, I feel a great sense of pride after representing the SU during Movember, even if my moustache made me look like I belonged in the 80’s!

Continuing my role into second term, I ask that any feedback on how the SU, can be better at communicating with. The importance of the SU is with the students themselves, and to be able to do the best we can, we need to hear from you, and you need to be able to hear from us in the best possible way!

P.S. attached is a number of examples of how I could have looked over Movember, guess which one I went for!

Best wishes,

Jack Wright

Communications Officer