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Health and Wellbeing Part Time Officer Blog

Hi! I’m Matt and I’m the Health and Wellbeing Part-Time Officer this year for the Student’s Union, first of all let’s start with a bit about me. I moved up here from a small town in west Wales last year to start my degree in psychology at Cardiff Met, I saw the application for this position and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get involved with the university and help develop various ideas surrounding health and wellbeing.

To kick-start things off we all met for the first time at the start of September to begin our week of training, it was amazing how quickly we all came together forming a cohesive team and got to know one another and start our partnership. Overall it was an intensive week of training but one of the main highlights was our day raft building. Now just to clear things up, some reps have taken it upon themselves to publish false information in their blogs about the outcome, the officers won the raft building challenge by miles, to the point where we had to rescue the rep team when they drifted off into the reservoir. Not the fake news that was posted previously, but now that’s cleared up we can move on to some of the other things I’ve taken part in this term.

Besides various meetings on various topics ranging from the Healthy University Development Group, meeting the VC and International student’s groups, there have been many activities that have encouraged me to get the most out of this role and to really expand my engagement in university. For example, there was World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October, it was held in Zen and had many guest speakers talking about their own struggles with mental health disorders and helped to get people thinking about reducing stigma surrounding mental health. The SU also launched the Student Minds initiative on that day which focuses on creating peer support groups for mental health and training students to facilitate workshops which will help people with activities such as mindfulness and other methods of tackling and dealing with mental distress.

Overall it’s been a fantastic first term which has been so busy but so good at the same time! It’s been a great introduction to meeting the team and also many of the staff within the university itself. We finished off the term with the Christmas Ball which was a brilliant evening and a great way to consolidate all of the great experiences and memories that were made this term and to prepare for a busy new term in January where I’m sure there will be even more great things to come!