Will's Blog

Wow, what a term! Where did that go?! Since taking up post in August it’s been an absolute whirlwind and I’ve loved every second, we’ve made progress in several areas but there is more work to do. One of my aims when I was elected was to make the SU as transparent as possible and to highlight the great work of our staff that can sometime go unseen. Everything we do at the SU is for the benefit of our members and through campaigns such as Tell US including the upcoming Tell US tour, by becoming the world’s first SU to achieve the Social Enterprise Mark and through day to day interaction with our members we’re making our mark on life at Cardiff Met.

The SU is here to represent you, to help you with any issues, to share your successes and to help you develop into the best version  of you so if you haven’t already, come and speak to us, we’re here for you.  So here it is, my first blog post of 2017/18! We’ve got a lot to shout about from the first term, we’re proud to have recruited a fantastic set of School Rep’s and Part Time Officers who have already helped to influence change within their respective schools and areas of expertise, the graphic at the top shows just a few of our successes and we’re keen to create more in term two.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit four of our partner institutions in India and Singapore this term to meet our international members of Cardiff Met SU. Any student studying a Cardiff Met degree is a member of the SU so the trips make sure that those students feel part of the family. It is also a great way to ensure that the partner support offered through our website is benefiting them and to help them establish their own union or student council. We have also visited our UK based partners to plan some activities and interaction at Cardiff and Vale College for our members there. We also have our Annual International Partner Event coming up in February where one student from our 18 partners from around the globe. We have also visited Paris to bring 3 capital cities together with Presidents’ from London (Queen Mary’s), Paris (University of London Institute Paris) and Cardiff (Cardiff Met) getting together to look at how we operate as sabbatical officers, good governance and general best practice. On a personal level these trips have been eye opening and a privilege to be invited to represent the SU on. It has also been great to be involved in WhatUni.com’s student advisory panel and to be elected as Student Chair of Welsh Student Sport. These opportunities have allowed me to branch out further to spread the word of the work that goes on at Cardiff Met, we are leading the way in several areas and to learn and take ideas from others.

Tell US… Tell US what you want from your SU, what can we do for you in addition to what we offer, what could we change, what would you do if you were in charge of the SU? These are all questions we want answering by you, our members. We want your ideas for new initiatives and projects, ideas on changes or tweaks to what we already offer and constructive criticism to help us improve what we do. We guarantee that an email highlighted as ‘Tell US’ through to the studentunion@cardiffmet.ac.uk email will get a response from senior staff so Tell US what you want!

As we move into the second term we kick off with enhancement week, keep your eyes peeled, you might just spot some four legged friends across both campuses!... You will also start to notice elections material start to appear both online and posted around the university. If you’re serious about making a difference in 2018/19 and want to know more about either the Presidency, Vice Presidency, School Rep or Officer roles, please get in touch. The Tell US tour will kick off, visiting all school buildings as well as the Cyncoed and Plas Gwyn residences to get your feedback. Remember, this is your Students’ Union so if you have any ideas for events, feedback we want to hear it and help you make it happen. Have a great break and we’ll see you when you return in January.

Best wishes,

Will Fuller

Students’ Union President