Black Lives Matter

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Racial injustice is not acceptable. Acts of discrimination against the black community is not acceptable. Our silence on this matter is not acceptable.


As a Students’ Union we are standing in solidarity with all the black families across the world who have come to harm because of their race. We stand with those who are mourning the murders of George Floyd, Philando Castile, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Sean Rigg and the many others who have heart-breakingly lost their lives to police brutality due to the colour of their skin. 


We will do more to tackle racism and discrimination. We will work with the University on important matters such as decolonising the curriculum, working on ways to close the attainment gap and working hard to produce and create other initiatives to raise awareness of the important issues at hand.


We commit to representing our black students. The racial injustice, that has not only been experienced recently, but over the years is incredibly and deeply upsetting and it saddens us to see that the black community are having to undertake such significant actions in order to evidence the emotional and physical pain, hurt and inequality that they have experienced all their lives.


Help make the change. Whether it’s through donating money, signing petitions or simply spreading awareness. Change starts with us.



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