Meet the LGBTQIA+ Society

Find out more about Cardiff Met's LGBTQIA+ Society

Whether you’re a new or returning student, SU Societies are a great opportunity to try something different, meet up with friends and enhance your university experience. We have a wide range of SU Societies to choose from and there’s no limit on how many you can join! We asked the LGBTQIA+ Society to tell us about themselves and the society which you can join here- LGBTQIA+ (!


LGBTQIA+ Society

For many, going to uni means the first time living without their family, getting out of old social structures and having the chance to figure themselves out, away from judging eyes or words of people close to them. It’s a stressful time and can be especially difficult and lonely if you cannot expect acceptance or support from home. This is why it is really important to have a LGBTQIA+ Society at uni. We need a safe, supportive community where everyone feels welcome and accepted as they are.

Meet the team:

Dylan (Chair)

My names Dylan. I'm a Welsh bisexual transman and I'm the chair of the LGBTQIA+ Society. I wasn't always sure of my sexuality but I knew I wasnt straight. Growing up in the valleys made it hard to be queer or know anyone else who was queer but i remember the first time I saw a transman on tv and feeling in awe, that everything finally made sense about what i was feeling.

It took a few more years until I could transition as going back 5 years ago, there wasnt any kind of trans healthcare in Wales and I would have to travel back and forth to London to access it and so I moved to Leeds instead and found a lot of love in friendships, acceptance and most importantly myself while I was up there. Then I came out as bisexual about 4 years ago and now im happier than I have ever been 

Lacie (Treasurer)

Hi! I’m Lacie (she/her) and I am the treasurer for the LGBTQIA+ Society at Cardiff Met. I am currently in my first year studying Education, Psychology and Special Educational Needs with hopes of completing my PGCE afterwards. I really enjoy picnics, board games, video games, and cooking. I am excited to start organising activities for all LGBTQIA+ students at Cardiff Met, and to provide a safe space where everyone can be themselves.

Santana (Secretary)

Hello, I’m Santana (she/her), 26 and from Germany. I’ve first realised that queer people exist as a teenager (thanks, internet). In my school, there was no queer club or society or anything that would at least provide information and I haven’t met many other queer people there (I know of a few who came out later after they’d already left, though).

After finishing my A-Levels, I got out of my small village, lived and worked in a bigger city for a few years and met more people who are not part of the cis-hetero “norm”. At 21 I read a short story that left a lasting impression on me. The main character’s experience actually really described my feelings and emotions and, I think, for the first time I could really identify with a character. That’s how I found out about asexuality and for now asexual and panromantic are the terms I’d use to describe myself.

And wow, it felt really nice, to suddenly have a label to put on my experiences and find people who experience the world in a similar way that I do. I’m aware that labels are not everybody’s thing and that’s totally fine. For me, they are neat, as long as they are not used to restrict. Labels are tools to help people put their feelings and experiences into words, they should not be seen as absolutes. I care a lot about this and I want to help build this place together with Dylan and Lacie and all of you.