Met Rambling Society Take on Snowdon!

Our Met Rambling Society have reached new peaks, making it their mission to conquer Snowdon, and taking everything in their stride along the way to accomplish this goal.

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The idea of a Rambling Society started in 2021 with now Chair, Chloe Hill, who envisioned a community where students could enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, bond over shared experiences, and promote well-being through walking and hiking. The group caters to all levels of fitness and interest, offering a range of activities from casual park strolls to challenging mountain hikes. 

Chloe had some brilliant ideas when initially starting up this society, so made sure to quickly form her committee with Lydia and Hanna. Then with the committee training all covered promptly, the society was all ready to rumble (or should we say Ramble!)

The society has recently celebrated its most significant achievement to date: a successful hike up Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. This event marked a milestone for the group, showcasing their determination, camaraderie, and love for adventure. Despite the daunting task ahead, every member of the group took everything in their stride and reached the summit, experiencing the breathtaking views and sense of accomplishment that only such a climb can offer.

The hike began early in the morning, with the Ramblers setting off from the base of the mountain under clear skies. As they ascended, the group faced varying terrain, from gentle slopes to rocky pathways. The final push to the summit tested their endurance and resolve, but the sight from the top—miles of rolling hills and glistening lakes—made every step worthwhile.

To celebrate this remarkable feat, the group descended to a warm and welcoming pub at the foot of Snowdon, where they enjoyed a well-deserved dinner. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and stories of the day’s adventure, further strengthening the bonds formed during the hike. The Cardiff Met Ramblers then extended their journey with a stay at a charming youth hostel in Llandudno. The cozy accommodation provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection on their achievement.

Day two saw the group exploring the historic town of Conwy. Known for its medieval architecture and rich history, Conwy offered a delightful contrast to the natural beauty of Snowdon. The Ramblers toured ancient castles, perused quaint knight-themed shops, and enjoyed hearty lunches at local eateries. This immersive cultural experience added another layer of enjoyment to their trip, creating memories that would last a lifetime. 

So, to SUMMIT all up…we had a great time (pun definitely intended!)

The success of Cardiff Met Ramblers so far is attributed not only to Chloe's brilliant leadership, but also to the dedicated committee members;

- Lydia: the superb secretary and an incredible friend to all, who ensures the smooth operation of the society.

- Hanna: the tremendous treasurer, is widely known as the kindest soul within the group, always managing finances with a smile.

Both Lydia and Hanna have shown exceptional dedication and will undoubtedly make great progress within the committee. Chloe owes much of the society's success to these two fantastic friends by her side, she could not have done it without them.

“Lydia and Hanna are incredible friends and are indispensable to the society. Without them, the Ramblers wouldn’t be what they are today!”- Chloe, Rambling Society Chair

Chloe, Lydia and Hanna’s team work has cemented the Cardiff Met Ramblers as a pillar of the university community. With each step they take, the society not only promotes physical health but also fosters lasting friendships and a deeper appreciation for the natural and historical treasures of Wales. To stay informed follow the Ramblers on Instagram!

Each committee member has gained invaluable experience and learned so many valuable transferrable skills while in their roles as committee members, they have grown personally and professionally and would highly recommend this to anyone considering it!

Should you want to get involved in setting up a society please come to the SU office, alternatively if you fancy joining the Rambling Society, please visit their webpage.