SU Partner Event 2021

The SU Partner Event is an annual event in collaboration with Cardiff Met and this year it was held from the 8th-12th February 2021. The purpose of the event is to:

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The SU Partner Event is an annual event in collaboration with Cardiff Met and this year it was held from the 8th-12th February 2021. The purpose of the event is to:

  • Represent the views and ensure a quality provision for students at all campuses around the globe. 
  • Effectively represent the collective student voice at all organisational levels including decision making bodies. 
  • Provide and respond to the diversity of the student body in the design and delivery of student engagement, partnership working and student representation process.



  • Purposeful Partnerships and Practices: Student Perspectives on Connectedness, Community and Culture through the delivery of an Online Students’ Union Conference for TNE and Local Partner Students. Using an adapted version of Wintrup et al., (2015) pedagogic approaches to purposeful partnerships and QAA TNE Enhancement Activity (QE-TNE) guidance as a framework. 



  • To build relationships, insight, mutual understanding and trust with TNE and Local Partners through collaborative practice.
  • To deliver Students’ Union representative training for TNE students that is equivalent of the student experience and outcomes on campus.
  • To deliver online content that focuses on quality enhancement and the quality of students' learning experience by using TNE student voice to gain perceptions of Online Learning Communities.


This year, the event was held online for the first time, via Microsoft Teams meetings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of forty-two students registered for the event, representing thirteen transnational and one local institution. These were as follows.

  1. Applied Science University (Bahrain)
  2. Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Egypt)
  3. Beacon International College (Singapore)
  4. Bridgend College (Wales)
  5. City Unity College (Greece and Cyprus)
  6. Dimensions College (Singapore)
  7. Gulf College (Oman)
  8. International College of Business and Technology (Sri Lanka)
  9. Modern University for Business and Science (Lebanon)
  10. National Economics University (Vietnam)
  11. Perrotis College (Greece)
  12. Superior Institutions of Science and Technology (Morocco)
  13. Universal Business School (India) 
  14. Varna University of Management (Bulgaria)


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Pictures from the Event



Feedback from the Event

What did you enjoy most about attending the Partner Event? 

"Being able to feel as part of the community and meet new people despite the lockdowns." 

“I have met students from another partner universities and listen to views from official members as well as learned new things.” 

“Good Interaction during presentations, and getting to know other students, instructors and people at Cardiff Met.” 


 What could be done to make next year's Partner Event better for you as students? 

"Back to Cardiff rather online " 

“Well, everything was good, but it could be better if we could visit the university which was not possible yet and the rest of the things were good.” 

“I hope the lockdown and this pandemic stop so that I can attend physically. I think meeting directly is a better experience.” 


List 3 words that best represent your experience, as a result of attending this year's Partner Event

“Connected Valued Community.” 

“Enriching / Organised / Enjoyable.” 

“Effective, Motivational and Helpful.”