SU Student Achievement Awards 2022

Find out the winners from the 2022 SU Student Achievement Awards!

Student Achievement Awards

On Wednesday 11th May, the SU held its first in-person Student Achievement Awards event in person.  The Awards were held in Centro on Cyncoed campus and the SU were delighted to welcome staff and students to an evening of celebration!

Thank you to all who submitted nominations and attended the evening!

Congratulations to all shortlisted nominees, award winners and special mentions!

Please see below for a list of Student Achievement Award Panel citations for our Award winners and special mentions:


SU Course Rep of the Year (CSAD)

Chris Evans (Winner)

Chris’ nominations demonstrated their dedication to the SU Course Rep role and student voice, always providing opportunities for fellow students to provide feedback.  Chris has played an active role in ensuring that students are surrounded by an inspiring learning environment through working with university staff and students to raise any difficulties and concerns.  Clearly evidenced in their nominations, Chris has become a source of guidance and support for students on the BA Illustration course and continues to display the values of being part of the SU Community.


SU Course Rep of the Year (CSESP)

Harry Underhill (Winner)

Harry is a SU Course Rep who has continued to go above and beyond to support students and the student voice across both his own year group and others.  Always engaging and contributing during various committees, Harry’s nomination focused on how they reflect the youth work principles of inclusivity and community engagement within the SU Course Rep role, ensuring that a range of views are represented, and actions are completed.


SU Course Rep of the Year (CSM)

Jennifer Hill (Winner)

A key skill of the SU Course Rep role is communication, and Jennifer’s nominations evidenced that she excels in this area.  As a mature student who has a number of commitments outside of university, Jennifer has worked hard to provide support to both students and staff through presenting practical solutions to concerns, ensuring that the cohort feel they have achieved the best outcome.  With her nomination describing Jennifer as having a heart of gold, it is clear that Jennifer goes above and beyond in her role as an SU Course Rep!


SU Course Rep of the Year (CSSHS)

Claudia Luthra (Winner)

Claudia has consistently ensured that a range of student opinions and concerns are accurately represented during Programme Committees and Student Staff Liaison Committees and that actions are completed.  Nominations for Claudia focused on her determination in ensuring that the feedback loop was closed after each meeting and action which is a key responsibility of being an SU Course Rep.  Claudia is always happy to answer questions and provide advice and support to fellow students through multiple channels of communication.

Jake Leatherland (Special Mention)

Progressing from a SU Course Rep at Undergraduate level to now the SU Course Rep for MA Sociology and Ethics of Sport, Jake has utilised his skills and experience to ensure that both students and staff are kept informed of any updates, feedback, concerns and questions. Jakes’s nomination emphasised that Jake is an individual who embodies the values of the SU Community and Representation Structure.


SU Course Rep of the Year (CST)

Hefin Bragg (Winner)

Hefin’s nominations outlined the fantastic SU Course Rep they have been within Cardiff School of Technologies.  Always ensuring that feedback on the whole student experience is collated and accurately presented to staff, Hefin has contributed to the strengthening of the student voice and community within CST.


SU Lead Rep of the Year

Emily Shreeve (Winner)

Emily has conscientiously fulfilled the roles of SU Course Rep and SU Lead Rep within the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences for two years.  Nominations for Emily emphasised and evidenced her enthusiasm for representing her fellow students, her commitment to collecting detailed feedback, presenting the feedback at multiple committee meetings and then ensuring that the feedback loop is closed.  Emily’s actions have been key in supporting students feel confident to provide feedback on the whole student experience during their time at Cardiff Met.

Edward Drake (Special Mention)

Taking on the SU Lead Rep responsibility later in the academic year, Edward has been enthusiastic and supportive towards all students and members of staff within Cardiff School of Management.  Edward has accurately represented a range of views presented to him by his peers in all meetings and has been determined to resolve issues and focus on the student voice.  Nominations emphasised Edward’s passion for student voice and commitment to the SU Representative Structure.


Social Media Award

Madison Tonge, Ella Campisi and Millie Stockill (Winner)

Madison, Ella and Millie have been instrumental in the planning, creating and delivering of the Met Marketers Society social media on Instagram and LinkedIn.  They have consistently created relevant marketing content whilst continuing to highlight the achievements of students and provide top tips that cover both university life and industry knowledge.  Examples of their work include ‘Marketing Monday’ and ‘Top Tip Thursday’ posts which looked at marketing trends and highlighted top tips for mental health, starting University, exploring Cardiff and places to eat.  On LinkedIn, Madison, Ella and Millie’s work was pivotal to helping second year students make connections with employers who were looking for work placement students.


Volunteer of the Year

Polly Thomas Zaffino (Winner)

When reading the nominations for Polly, the Student Achievement Award Panel were proud of the impact Polly has made from her incredible level of volunteering.  Polly volunteers two evenings a week for the Scouts, she runs a Scout Group and sits as the Communities Commissioner for Cardiff and Vale Scouts.  Additionally, Polly has single-handedly opened the first Squirrel Scouts for 4-5 year olds in Cardiff which now has 14 little squirrel friends!  This combined with having to plan activities and undertake administrative tasks alongside her studying full time is commendable.  The nominations cite that Polly’s knowledge of inclusivity and safeguarding are excellent and she is a champion for engagement with young people within Cardiff.  It is clear that Polly is the embodiment of the Scouts motto which is being committed to helping future generations to develop skills for life.

Jacob Edwards, James Ikin, Katie Hill and Keira Davies (Special Mention)

Jacob, James, Katie and Keira all volunteer with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales, which is a not-for-profit organisation set up by South Wales Police, Gwent Police and North Wales Police Forces.  Jacob, James, Katie and Keira dedicated their summer and beyond to helping the centre set up a customer relationship database and they ran the triage and appointment set up. The centre have been proudly vocal in stating that they could not have set up their systems without the four students.


Sustainability Champion

Jenna Winters (Winner)

Jenna is very active in raising awareness of environmental and sustainability issues through setting up workshops, sharing social media posts and promoting tips and tricks to help us help our planet.  Throughout this year, Jenna has been a regular volunteer at Cardiff Met Community Days and has been a committed member of the FairTrade committee, working hard to contribute to the University and Students’ Union obtaining a FairTrade status.  In addition to her volunteering linked to sustainability, Jenna established and chairs the Gardening Society and sits on the committee for the Climate Justice Society.


Social Inclusion Award

LGBTQIA+ Society (Winner)

During their re-establishment as a society, the LGBTQIA+ committee and members have worked tirelessly to ensure that all students feel included, supported and welcome in society activities.  The society have delivered both online and in-person events, providing students with opportunities to meet others and grow closer as a community in an environment where they can feel comfortable and be themselves. 

Ash Moorley (Special Mention)

The Student Achievement Award Panel were delighted to read how Ash has contributed to the strong community within CSAD.  Ash has welcomed new students and international exchange students to the university when they may have felt isolated, lost or homesick. Ash encourages communication and has given up her workspace with established friends to be with new students in their first few weeks. Always going out of her way to ensure everyone feels included, Ash has organised social inclusion events for students and staff, always bringing an element of fun.   


Society Collaboration of the Year

LGBTQIA+ Society (Winner)

The LGBTQIA+ Society worked in partnership with the Students’ Union and University Estates department to paint the front steps at Cyncoed and pavement curbs at Llandaff with a rainbow.  The painting was completed during LGBT+ History Month in February and has provided visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community on Cardiff Met campuses.


Society Member of the Year

Anna Kerr (Winner)

This year, as President, Anna has led Christian Union to be one of the most active SU Societies.  Anna has been committed to organising and delivering events each week, including socials, outreach events and on campus stalls.  The Student Achievement Awards panel were delighted to read about how Anna places an emphasis on wellbeing throughout everything that Christian Union does.  Examples include regular coffee catch ups with society members, checking in with individuals and ensuring everyone is included and supported.  Following the pandemic, Anna’s work has been key in strengthening the unity and family feel of the Christian Society.


New Society of the Year

Capture the Flag Society (Winner)

Formed this academic year, the Capture the Flag Society have offered unique opportunities and activities to students.  Having worked closely with both the Students’ Union and University to set up the society, Capture the Flag deliver workshops and activity sessions that provide students with valuable ethical hacking experience that enhances their employability and supports academic development.

Cardiff Met Ramblers (Special Mention)

As a new society who formed late this year, Cardiff Met Ramblers are encouraging students to be outside and explore what Wales has to offer by foot and make some great friends along the way. The society have recruited members well and have had a number of students attend local walks and events online and in person. Cardiff Met Ramblers are a society who are excited to continue to develop their ideas and explore more of Wales.

Insomnia Society (Special Mention)

Insomnia Society successfully delivered two large events within their first couple of months as a society, the first being the Diwali event in November 2021 and the second was a Flash Mob at the Societies Fayre in February 2022.  The society are already planning events for next year and we are excited to see them grow as a society!


Society of the Year

Christian Union (Winner)

Christian Union are one of the most active SU Societies at Cardiff Met.  The society delivers activity sessions every Thursday evening and events once a month where meaningful issues such as ‘God and climate change’, ‘hope in mental health struggles’ and ‘how can I know true freedom’ are explored and discussed.  Every member of the society is included in the planning and organisation of events, creating a strong community where voices and ideas are valued.  In addition to all events and activities being open to students across the University, Christian Union have engaged in SU events throughout the year and have ensured that all members have felt welcome.  Nominations for Christian Union emphasised the incredible family feel of the society and the appreciation and hard work of all members.


Event/Project of the Year

Filipino Society Basketball Tournament (Winner)

The committee members have worked hard all year on different events for their society.  They have worked in collaboration with other universities and delivered a Basketball Winter cup just as we came out of lockdown, then following this the organised a Basketball Spring Cup.  This event had over 70 students attending in either a player or spectator capacity.  The event shows the organisation and leadership skills that the committee have and their ability to deliver excellent events for their committee members.