Student Led Teaching Awards 2022 – Awarding Panel Citations

The SLTAs have been an amazing project to deliver, and we would like to thank students for the incredible nominations they submitted.

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The SLTAs have been an amazing project to deliver, and we would like to thank students for the incredible nominations they submitted.

From a total of 683 nominations and 261 individual recognised members of staff, please see below for the SLTA Panel citations for the SLTA Winners 2022.

Congratulations on your Student Led Teaching Awards


School Lecturer of the Year


Keireine Canavan (CSAD)

Nominations expressed that Keireine’s research contributions to the field of textiles and her passion for teaching had inspired them to discover and develop their own enthusiasm for textiles.  The panel were pleased to read that students felt the knowledge shared in lectures guided intellectually stimulating discussions regarding current industry and global topics, such as sustainability.  


Dr Nick Young (CSESP)

Dr Nick Young received nominations which highlighted that students value the delivery of an authentic learning experience, which provides opportunities for learning new and valuable skills using innovative practises that can be used for current assessments and future employment.  Feedback is used to adapt sessions when appropriate and create a learning environment that intellectually stimulates and supports students.  Nominations emphasised that Dr Nick Young is an excellent role model who strives to ensure that students are informed of opportunities that allow them to receive an outstanding student experience. 


Dr Kasha Minor (CSM)

Dr Kasha Minor was highlighted by students as someone who is a role model for students in both hospitality and academic industries.  Teaching excellence is exhibited through inspiring discussions where students are actively encouraged to share opinions and ask questions in a safe environment.  The SLTA panel were delighted to read that students felt their feedback acknowledged their achievements alongside suggestions that enable them to take make progress and develop personally and professionally.


Dr Paul Foley (CSSHS)

Dr Paul Foley clearly demonstrates teaching excellence through the support, confidence and materials he is able to provide to students.  Dr Paul Foley inspires and encourages students to develop their learning and knowledge base beyond their outlined curriculum and into the wider field of science research.


Dr Angesh Anupam (CST)

Dr Angesh Anupam’s demonstrates teaching excellence, encouraging assimilation of theory, ideology and real time examples.  The nominations evidence that Dr Anupam Angesh is a fantastic ambassador for Cardiff School of Technologies.



Personal Tutor Award


Sean Edwards

The nominations provided for Sean Edwards highlighted a genuine care for student wellbeing.  Sean encourages students achieve their potential through providing carefully considered feedback and informing students of any opportunities that may interest them.  Nominations emphasised that students felt supported to seek additional support if needed.


Inspiring Staff Member


Anna Bhushan

Anna Bhushan provides an inspiring working environment for students, ensuring they feel empowered to be innovative and feel creative and confident in work they present.  The environment generates student led discussions which allow for both independent reflection and collaborative learning and working.  Nominations expressed that Anna generates a sense of purpose and direction for students which encourages them to seek varied opportunities that supports development through extracurricular learning and experiences. 



Exceptional Support Award


Jacqui Michell

The SLTA panel were delighted to read about the ways in which Jacqui Michell is an outstanding ambassador for the University and commits to providing support for PGR students from their first day.  Jacqui promotes an environment of high professionalism and mutual respect, whilst always being ready to provide support and offer advice or a helping hand.  The nominations emphasised that Jacqui encourages students to be proactive in their learning and is a trustworthy and valued member of the PGR team.


Laura Lillie

Exceptional support from Laura Lillie was evidenced in the way that they continually go above and beyond for students in CSAD’s Fine Art department.  Providing pastoral support, technical advice and practical solutions, nominations demonstrated that Laura creates a positive working environment where student are encouraged to be innovative and creative and feel motivated to develop their artistic skills.



Special Mentions:


Ceri Pugh School Lecturer of the Year (CSESP)

The SLTA panel would like to provide a special mention to Ceri Pugh for the School Lecturer of the Year (CSESP) Award.  Nominations clearly evidenced teaching excellence and the creation of an inspiring and supportive environment for Welsh language learners.  Sharing knowledge and forming modern and personal connections to Welsh language and culture has generated a meaningful learning experience and encouraged high levels of student engagement.


Hannah Amos (Personal Tutor Award)  

The SLTA panel would like to provide a special mention to Hannah Amos for the Personal Tutor Award.  Through nominations, students shared that they think Hannah is an excellent personal tutor who listens, supports and expresses genuine kindness and empathy, whilst sharing knowledge of further support mechanisms that the University provide.  The SLTA panel would like to highlight that nominations stated that once students had spoken to Hannah, they felt empowered to reflect on their skills, abilities and learning which enabled them to further develop towards the practitioners they aspire to become.