School Reps

The School Rep is the figurehead representative for their school. They manage the team of student reps, represent the SU within the school and act as a liaison between the school, students and the SU.

Their role is to:

•Recruit, manage and engage a team of student reps within their school

•Ensure the student voice is being effectively represented at all levels within the school and to the Students’ Union

•Represent the views of their peers at School, University and Students’ Union committees

•Feed back to students and reps on ideas and issues raised

•Work with the SU to set and achieve aims and objectives to enhance the student experience

•Act as an ambassador for the SU

•Make best use of the available resources to update students, the SU and University on rep activity and student feedback (eg. Attending meetings, social media, SU website, noticeboards)

•Maintain a good knowledge of SU and University services in order to refer students for specialist advice and support

•Act as a Trustee for the Students’ Union